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Thursday 5 September 2013

Russian Warships Crossed The Bosphorus

many political posts today....look back

Dark Humor Day-Poster from The London Underground

sent from a friend...........leaders like this around today, what? We are being betrayed, folks.

Chinese Warships on The Way to Syria

from article

...the Jinggangshan is equipped for combat and was utilized as part of a “show of force” in maneuvers aimed at defending the South China Sea earlier this year.
The report states that additional PLA warships have also been sent to the region but that their identity is unknown.
Yesterday it was reported that Russia was sending three more ships – two destroyers and a missile cruiser – to the eastern Mediterranean to bolster its forces which already include three other warships dispatched over the last two weeks.
Earlier this week, Russia criticized the United States for sending warships close to Syria, with Russian Defense Ministry official Oleg Dogayev remarking, “The dispatch of ships armed with cruise missiles toward Syria’s shores has a negative effect on the situation in the region.”
Five U.S. destroyers and an amphibious ship are currently positioned in the eastern Mediterranean awaiting strike orders. The USS Nimitz and three other warships are also stationed in the nearby Red Sea.
In a related story, China today toughened its rhetoric on Syria, warning President Barack Obama that, “Military action would have a negative impact on the global economy, especially on the oil price – it will cause a hike in the oil price.”

On Assange

Just in case you do not know, this is the story of my life as well.....

USA to Aid Terrorists-Because of The BBB Axis; You Decide

I have said this war is about one thing. You can answer the question as to why Saudi Arabia is giving America money for this war. Watch this before it disappears.

Barry, Bandar and Bankrupt Big Brother EU--think about it. Why are the Sunnis paying us to fight?

Teachers' Day in Singapore

I just received a Happy Teachers' Day message from a reader in Singapore. Thank you, and how touching. Now, I would love to be taken out to tea, but that will not happen here, of course. Below are students giving a formal tea to the teachers in their school. How wonderful to see such respect.

God bless all teachers today...including home schooling mums and dads. Home schooling is now legal in Singapore according to HSLDA.

Must reads-a link, a book, another link

and I am reading and it is fantastic!

Here is a great review on it.

How To Discern for Readers and Bloggers

There are so many good comments and posts at this time on line. But, there are more and more comments, posts and even blogs which are pushing false teaching about the Church and which are not leading readers to holiness, which is our job.

Catholic blogging in a ministry of love. I wrote about this before here. It takes just as much time and energy as preparing and giving an RCIA class. One must pray for one's readers and commentators.

How does one discern which blogs to read and study?

1) Does the blogger give sources which are Catholic and credible?

2) Does the blogger respect readers and commentators?

3) Does the blogger love Christ and His Church more than himself?

4) Does the blogger stay orthodox?

If a blogger continually quotes priests or nuns or others who are not orthodox, one may not catch the deceit.

Pray to be able to discern using the gift of wisdom given to you at Confirmation.

Look for both Faith and Reason. Not all voices are reasonable, or faithful.

This blogger loves the Church, and I am orthodox squeaky clean.

There are many excellent blogs out there which are orthodox. Do not waste time with those bloggers who do not love Holy Mother Church.  We must love the Church and feed those who are starving for the Truth.

Age of Consent Laws Changing-Good Sign

A Peek at Pope Emeritus Benedict And A Sermon

Part of a letter from Bishop Mark Davies....

from and more on that site

Peace in Syria: An urgent message to the Diocese of Shrewsbury from Bishop Mark Davies

Pope Francis has called a universal day of fasting and prayer this coming Saturday, 7th September.
The Holy Father will himself keep a vigil of fasting and prayer in St Peter’s Square from 7pm until midnight.
Pope Francis explained: “we will gather in prayer and in a spirit of penance, invoking God’s great gift of peace upon the beloved nation of Syria and upon each situation of conflict and violence around the world.”
Let us join the Pope in this prayer of intercession for peace united with our fasting and self-denial.
I ask you, even at this short notice, to consider a time of public prayer in the parishes with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday evening around the time of the Vigil Mass and Confessions so that we may be consciously united across the diocese with the Holy Father’s vigil in Rome.
“I ask all the local churches,” Pope Francis said, “in addition to fasting that they gather to pray for this intention.” .....