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Wednesday 3 June 2015

Book Begging Again

After the long inventory, I have come to the discovery that at least ten to twelve boxes are missing. This is a mystery of life, and one I accept.

However, if anyone would like to replace the missing volumes I mentioned on the other post, I would appreciate it. At least one of the missing boxes contained such spirituality.

The next job is to repack, as I have sorted out books. I need to get some to Clear Creek, and am praying for someone to help me do this. Please join me in prayer for this intention. I am not sending that many there-no more than eight or so smallish boxes, at this time.

Giving away things has been fun. I love homeschooling families and know what they need. Thankfully, some stuff could be used.

Here are a few of the books I am begging readers to consider getting for me. Thanks for considering.

Teresa of Avila Interior Castle

The Philokalia--The Complete Text.  Vols I and III

Garrigou-Lagrange Providence

Garrigou-Lagrange The Trinity

Garrigou-Lagrange The Priest in Union with Christ

Garrigou-Lagrange The Love of God and the Cross

Marmion Union with God

Marmion Christ: The Ideal Priest

Benson Lord of the World

Raissa Maritain We Have Been Friends Together

Raissa Maritain Adventures in Grace

I lost some hard bounds of these. Never mind....

Thanks for considering.

Also need The Three Ages of the Interior Life, is anyone wants to get it for me.

UPDATE: found my first edition, 1931 Fulton J. Sheen Old Errors and New Labels

The man was a prophet.

Also, update, I shall be where I am now for three months. 

Wow! A Sign of Worse To Come

Pat Buchanan is GREAT!

But if the founder of Christianity is the Son of God, then Christianity is a superior religion. What Ryan and those faculty and staff seem to be ashamed of, uncomfortable with, or unable to defend, is the truth for which Saint Louis University was supposed to stand.
But simply because they are cowardly, or politically correct, why should that statue be going into the SLU art museum? Why should not they themselves depart for another institution where their sensitivities will not be assaulted by artistic expressions of religious truths?

According to the Religion New Service, “State Sen. Ricardo Lara, an openly gay Los Angeles Democrat, wants to replace a bronze statue of Serra with a monument honoring Sally Ride, the nation’s first female astronaut. Lara said Ride would become ‘the first member of the LGBT community’ to be honored in Statuary Hall.”


All of my closest friends are under spiritual attack. Sometimes this warfare "gets physical". I cannot describe how badly I feel that so many are experiencing the onslaught of evil which is ratcheting up prior to the SCOTUS decision. I am praying for all of my readers even though I cannot answer all of your emails. I am exhausted at this time.

If this court does what I think it will do, America as a country "under God" will be dead.

Today, on the street where I am temporarily, many houses sported American flags. Sadly, this symbol becomes more and more sinister in my view. This country is being changed by those who hate Christ so quickly, I can hardly keep up with the events pushing the agendas of the enemies of God.

Make no mistake--some people choose to become enemies of God. They choose fame, status, money, or whatever for the Kingdom of God. They choose their own wills and not God's Will.

A country which consistently chooses paths away from God's Plan will end up destroying itself from the inside, and, mostly likely, incurring the wrath of God from the outside.

The list of empires which fell through unethical, immoral, even depraved lifestyles would be a long list. Abortion itself cries out to God for punishment. But, the unnatural sins of those who to live in homosexual relationships will not be ignored by God.

Many years ago, we all were given warnings to pray against sin. Few heeded the words of Our Lady and her chosen saints-Lucy, Jacinta, Francisco, Faustina, Therese, John Bosco, and so on. Daily, I am reminded that we all waste time on trivia instead of getting ready for the final battles of Good against evil.

The war has been won by Our Lord Jesus Christ, but the battle for souls continues until the Second Coming of Christ.

Some old people said to me recently, "This country is no longer my country. I hardly recognize America."

God recognizes the good and the evil. He will not be mocked, however, by the arrogant, even Catholic politicians, who think they can hold positions concerning ssm contrary to the Church.

Obedience is the most important virtue, not humility, as obedience helps one become humble step-by-step. And, those who obey God's laws and His Church will be saved by their humble acquiescence to God's Will for us.

As I go through my books and sort things out, still looking for a necessary document, which is mysteriously missing, (please pray--this is not an optional thing at this time), I am reminds of the great minds which have gone before us to light out way to truth. The Early Church Fathers, the Doctors of the Church, the great theologians, poets, essayists, moral and mystical teachers fill by boxes. I am extremely grateful that God led me to so many wonderful people in my life to show me the way to purgation.

I am very, very grateful for His graces, which have been many in my life. But, all men and women are given graces to turn to Him, to repent, to study, to learn, to pray, to become one with God. All.

Too many have turned away, only looking at themselves instead of God.

Keep God as the Center of your entire life, your day, your decisions.

Look at Christ. And pray for the endurance which we shall all need in days to come.

Please keep me in your prayers.