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Wednesday 24 April 2013

another problem with another cardinal....

I am so stunned, I cannot comment. Two in one day....

The Prayer for England


Prayer for England 
O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon England thy "Dowry" and upon us all who greatly hope and trust in thee. By thee it was that Jesus our Saviour and our hope was given unto the world; and He has given thee to us that we might hope still more. Plead for us thy children, whom thou didst receive and accept at the foot of the cross. O sorrowful Mother! intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the supreme Shepherd, the Vicar of thy Son. Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith fruitful in good works we may all deserve to see and praise God, together with thee, in our heavenly home. Amen.

Washington Post on Food Stamp Frauds

Is Britain Moving Towards Internet Censorship?

If the Government is deciding what is porn or hate speech, it can decide what is unsavory to them-like Catholic bloggers. Parents need to discipline their children, not have a nanny state. Why would a mom or dad let their kids go into a place where there is wifi with a laptop or notebook and not have trained them to avoid nasty sites?

Parents should be in charge, not any Government. If we do not teach our children well, it is our own fault. Most kids are growing up without a moral framework with which to judge things. This sad reality lies at the feet of every parent.

Reminder of Infallibility and Being Adult Catholics

We in the Catholic Church have a teaching on infallibility for a reason. Not all things done or said by popes, cardinals, bishops or priests are infallible  I remind some commentators of this, who respond to criticisms of those in authority as if everything they said was true and good.

Not so.

I have several posts on infallibility as a reminder. There are more than this, especially on the levels of infallibility, which go back to January this year and last year. Use the tags.

A reminder of the Teaching of the Church on infallibility...and a few other things

Catholics need to grow up and be adults and not children.

Look at my post on the stages of the spiritual life from St. Bernard. Look under the tags perfection and perfection again. We are at first children, being disciplined and trained. Then we move to calling God Our Lord and Master, being led into discipleship as adults. Finally, we are in a Bridal relationship with God. To purposefully stay in the state of childhood is not to take responsibility for one's own thoughts and actions. One merely repeats what is said or done without thinking.

Childhood in the spirit must yield to the other two stages.

And, ad hominem or curse words are NOT acceptable in comments. Sorry, this is a civilized blog.

The Eldest Daughter of the Church Is in the Hands of the Enemy

If Hollande signs the law, France will become the 14th country to legalise same-sex marriages and join a club of eight other European nations -- the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Denmark. Of course, he will.

Delights of Walsingham Three

Barn owls wake me up here daily. The one in the back garden (and the garden is about 100 feet by fifty feet) is a barn owl of medium size. It covers the neighbourhood and mostly likely is responsible for the excess amount of pigeon feathers on the ground this morning.

It is not a large barn owl, like the ones I saw in Missouri and Iowa. Those had wingspans of over four feet minimum.

This Norfolk Barn Owl has a wingspan of about three and one-half feet. It may be young.

I just wish it would let me sleep. It seems to like to hoot most of the night.

Delights of Walsingham Two

Sadly, the village needs more inhabitants, but there are few amenities. One is the Farm Shop, which really has excellent produce, including yummy meats and cheeses.

Three years ago, on my first visit, I bought some very nice wine here, when my son visited me, as I was working at the time in Walsingham.

As a cheese freak, I cannot recommend these more.

Delights in Walsingham One

I met a very intelligent Anglican priest today, Paul Kinsey, who has The Curiosity Shop in Walsingham. He has a website which is here. His blog pages make mine look like kindergarten drawings.

Anyway, in his shop are wall paintings, immediately painted after the destruction of the shrine and re-found about 1995.

Paul noted that I probably would not be able to copy the photos from his site, but look here and read about the theme, which is an anti-Henry VII theme.

I highly suggest clicking on this link for a delightful view of the paintings with explanations.

Armenian Genocide Marked Today-Have Mercy, O God

Over 20 countries have so far recognised the massacres as genocide. (But not Turkey...)

Kidnapped Syrian Bishops Still Missing-Prayers Please

Some Catholics are Uneducated....

Hey, fellow Catholics. We have the one, true Faith. We belong to the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

Jesus Christ is God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

He died to save us from damnation.

Read the Creed carefully.

Martyrs die for the Faith daily.

Also, we are not pacifists.

We are allowed to defend ourselves from the attacks of enemies.

St. George, St. Demetrius, St. Joan of Arc, pray for us stupid ones.

Here is a partial list of military saints, thanks to Wiki..

Four Holy Marshals

Theban Legion

Pray for China and the Earthquake Victims

Cannot show photos, as Getty will come and get me! Cute pandas were shaken by the earthquake.

LifeSiteNews and Chick Pics All in One Post-Cute Wednesday

If you are not getting LifeSiteNews right into your email daily, sign up here. I cannot keep up with all the excellent news.
Smart St. James Chick

Trad Chick

I have repeatedly said that for news, this group is tops! The service has moved from being excellent to the best.
Trendy Notting Hill Chick

God bless LifeSiteNews.

Hmm, are these friends or food?
The Walsingham Bus is Late Again!

Another reminder of the Papal statements against Masonry

The action of the Church is summed up in the papal pronouncements against Freemasonry since 1738, the most important of which are:
  • Clement XII, Constitution "In Eminenti", 28 April, 1738;
  • Benedict XIV, "Providas", 18 May, 1751;
  • Pius VII, "Ecclesiam", 13 September, 1821;
  • Leo XII, "Quo graviora", 13 March, 1825;
  • Pius VIII, Encyclical "Traditi", 21 May, 1829;
  • Gregory XVI, "Mirari", 15 August, 1832;
  • Pius IX, Encyclical "Qui pluribus", 9 November, 1846;
  • Pius IX, Allocution "Quibus quantisque malis", 20 April, 1849;
  • Pius IX, Encyclical "Quanta cura", 8 December, 1864;
  • Pius IX, Allocution "Multiplices inter", 25 September, 1865;
  • Pius IX, Constitution "Apostolicæ Sedis", 12 October, 1869;
  • Pius IX, Encyclical "Etsi multa", 21 November, 1873;
  • Leo XIII, Encyclical "Humanum genus", 20 April, 1884;
  • Leo XIII, "Præclara", 20 June, 1894;
  • Leo XIII, "Annum ingressi", 18 March, 1902 (against Italian Freemasonry);
  • Leo XIII, Encyclical "Etsí nos", 15 February, 1882;
  • Leo XIII, "Ab Apostolici", 15 October, 1890.

Just a reminder from the article in the Catholic Encyclopedia on Masonry--Poor France et al

Since 1889, the date of the international Masonic congress, assembled at Paris, 16 and 17 July, 1889, by the Grand Orient of France, systematic and incessant efforts have been made to bring about a closer union of universal Freemasonry in order to realize efficaciously and rapidly the Masonic ideals. The special allies of the Grand Orient in this undertaking are: the Supreme Council and the Symbolical Grand Lodge of France and the Masonic Grand Lodges ofSwitzerlandBelgiumItalySpainHungaryPortugalGreece; the Grand Lodges of Massachusetts and of Brazil were also represented at the congress. The programme pursued by the Grand Orient of France, in its main lines, runs thus: "Masonry, which prepared the Revolution of 1789, has the duty to continue its work". [163] This task is to be accomplished by the thoroughly and rigidly consistent application of the principles of the Revolution to all the departments of the religious, moral, judicial, legal, political, and social order. The necessary political reforms being realized in most of their essential points, henceforth the consistent application of the revolutionary principles to thesocial conditions of mankind is the main task of Masonry. The universal social republic, in which, after the overthrow of every kind of spiritual and political tyranny", of "theocratical" and dynastical powers and class privileges, reigns the greatest possible individual liberty and social and economical equality conformably to French Masonic ideals, the real ultimate aims of this social work.
The following are deemed the principal means: (1) To destroy radically by open persecution of the Church or by ahypocritical fraudulent system of separation between State and Church, all social influence of the Church and ofreligion, insidiously called "clericalism", and, as far as possible, to destroy the Church and all true, i.e., superhumanreligion, which is more than a vague cult of fatherland and of humanity; (2) To laicize, or secularize, by a likewisehypocritical fraudulent system of "unsectarianism", all public and private life and, above all, popular instruction andeducation. "Unsectarianism" as understood by the Grand Orient party is anti-Catholic and even anti-Christian, atheistic,positivistic, or agnostic sectarianism in the garb of unsectarianism. Freedom of thought and conscience of the children has to be developed systematically in the child at school and protected, as far as possible, against all disturbing influences, not only of the Church and priests, but also of the children's own parents, if necessary, even by means ofmoral and physical compulsion. The Grand Orient party considers it indispensable and an infallibly sure way to the final establishment of the universal social republic and of the pretended world peace, as they fancy them, and of the glorious era of human solidarity and of unsurpassable human happiness in the reign of liberty and justice. [164]

The fact that there are also American Masons, who evidently advocate the Kulturkampf in America and stir up the international Kulturkampf, is attested by the example of Bros. J.D. Buck, 33 and A. Pike, 33. Buck published a book, "The Genius of Freemasonry", in which he advocates most energetically a Kulturkampf for the United States. This book, which in 1907, was in its 3rd edition, is recommended ardently to all American Masons by Masonic journals. A. Pike, as the Grand Commander of the Mother Supreme Council of the World (Charleston, South Carolina) lost no opportunity in his letters to excite the anti-clerical spirit of his colleagues. In a long letter of 28 December, 1886, for instance, he conjures the Italian Grand Commander, Timoteo Riboli, 33, the intimate friend of Garibaldi, to do all in his power, in order to unite Italian Masonry against the Vatican. He writes:
The Papacy . . . has been for a thousand years the torturer and curse of Humanity, the most shameless imposture, in its pretence to spiritual power of all ages. With its robes wet and reeking with the blood of half a million of human beings, with the grateful odour of roasted human flesh always in its nostrils, it is exulting over the prospect of renewed dominion. It has sent all over the world its anathemas against Constitutional government and the right of men to freedom of thought and conscience.

Reminds me of Europe before WWII

Interesting discussion on religion and journalism