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Saturday 24 January 2015

They Come From Dust Part Fourteen

Adam woke up in an abandoned rectory near the now empty and looted St. Peter's, once a gem of churches in New York City. Father Gibson had moved on to another parish, and the two had agreed to meet if and when they could at the reservation.

Adam had a dream two days before that Mason and Brandy were standing at the door of the large community center in the reservation. He took that as a good sign. After Mass the day before, Father Gibson was met at the door by a man Adam did not know and the two left. Father Gibson only took his Mass kit with him and one change of clothes. Adam admired that Father Gibson could travel so light.

Now, the young man had to figure out how to travel the six hour journey up north without a car. He sat down and looked at a map as to the possiblity of walking the entire distance. It would take at least five days to seven days walking the distance, at a good pace.

Adam knew he was fit enough. He was concerned more about safety. Then, a small miracle occurred. The same man who had accompanied Father Gibson to his destination appeared at the door of the rectory.

"Father Gibson sent me back. I have a small car, a Mini and enough gas to get at least half-way. Then, we can walk the rest of the way. I am going to take the backroads. We can get to Albany in three and a half hours, and continue on foot for three days. I feel better about that, what do you think?"

The man spoke with a strong, fast Manhattan accent and Adam had to listen very carefully. He agreed to go with Chuck, the name of his new guide. And they got into the Mini and drove down the deserted streets out to the highway.

"Dare I ask where you got this car? Is it yours?"

Chuck answered, "No, of course it is not mine, Silly question. I got it out of a dealership and scrounged around for gas. No problem, With all the people gone, and the looters mostly dead, one can find stuff."

Adam asked the next question rather carefully, "And, where is everyone and all the police?"

"People are in the camps, Looters killed with drones, Police, many of the main east to west highways, and many killed by vigilantes, or better, joined the vigilantes. That is what I am."

Adam decided to wait and he wanted to think about all this news, being shot out like bullets at him.

Sure enough, in three and one-half hours exactly, Chuck pulled into a side road which skirted Albany and parked the Mini in front of an old Shaker House. "We are going to walk the rest of the way. The army has some positions up here and we can still get where we want to go in a few days. Take the two packed knapsacks, your knapsack and let's go now."

Adam grabbed the three packs and followed Chuck into the abandoned center. Adam stumbled through an overgrown herb garden and followed Chuck into one of the buildings.

There were two men there, sleeping. Chuck whispered. "Two ex-of-New-York's Finest.

And he not-so-gently woke the men up. "Mike, Sean, get up...!"

to be continued...

OK Catholic Men-Learn This!

Maybe The Whole Family Will Be Canonized!

Extremely Pressing Necessity

I am begging my readers to pray for me for a really pressing need.

This is huge. This is the biggest test of my trusting in Divine Providence completely, without any nets.

Please pray for me.
Female Journalists in WWII

We had a moment of grace...

After the end of World War II, despite the real problems of the Cold War, Americans and the free nations of Europe had a moment of grace.

This grace flowed from the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

This grace would have built up the churches both in Europe and North America, if only the people had repented in the years between 1945 and 2015. A seventy year period of real freedom, including the freedom of religion and speech.

That time is ending this year, as we have, except for the few, squandered graces, passed up opportunities, falling into materialism, consumerism and the dullness of status, greed and sloth. The adult appropriation of the one, true Faith handed down for over 2,000 years did not happened because of free choices of free peoples in the West, specifically Europe and America.

I am living proof of the changing of the tide. God is allowing great evil to come against sin and corruption on this earth.

What happened is that the world gave people, including myself, so much comfort, that the Will of God for the Church Militant was easily set aside.
The truth is that most people did not, in the past seventy years, want the radical Gospel. They did not want to be reconciled with Christ, as Christ makes demands on those who give their lives to Him.

This morning at Mass, the Gospel acclamation was this:

2 Corinthians 5:19Douay-Rheims 

19 For God indeed was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not imputing to them their sins; and he hath placed in us the word of reconciliation.
God is not understood as Justice. His Will demands obedience, in love.
Here is St. Thomas Aquinas on justice and mercy in the Summa, First Part, Question 21
I answer that, Mercy and truth are necessarily found in all God's works, if mercy be taken to mean the removal of any kind of defect. Not every defect, however, can properly be called a misery; but only defect in a rationalnature whose lot is to be happy; for misery is opposed to happiness. For this necessity there is a reason, because since a debt paid according to the divine justice is one due either to God, or to some creature, neither the one nor the other can be lacking in any work of God: because God can do nothing that is not in accord with His wisdom and goodness; and it is in this sense, as we have said, that anything is due to God. Likewise, whatever is done by Him in created things, is done according to proper order and proportion wherein consists the idea ofjustice. Thus justice must exist in all God's works. Now the work of divine justice always presupposes the work of mercy; and is founded thereupon. For nothing is due to creatures, except for something pre-existing in them, or foreknown. Again, if this is due to a creature, it must be due on account of something that precedes. And since we cannot go on to infinity, we must come to something that depends only on the goodness of the divine will--which is the ultimate end. We may say, for instance, that to possess hands is due to man on account of his rational soul; and his rational soul is due to him that he may be man; and his being man is on account of the divine goodness. So in every work of God, viewed at its primary source, there appears mercy. In all that follows, the power of mercy remains, and works indeed with even greater force; as the influence of the first cause is more intense than that of second causes. For this reason does God out of abundance of His goodness bestow upon creatures what is due to them more bountifully than is proportionate to their deserts: since less would suffice for preserving the order of justice than what the divine goodness confers; because between creatures and God'sgoodness there can be no proportion.
Reply to Objection 1. Certain works are attributed to justice, and certain others to mercy, because in somejustice appears more forcibly and in others mercy. Even in the damnation of the reprobate mercy is seen, which, though it does not totally remit, yet somewhat alleviates, in punishing short of what is deserved.
In the justification of the ungodly, justice is seen, when God remits sins on account of love, though He Himself has mercifully infused that love. So we read of Magdalen: "Many sins are forgiven her, because she hath lovedmuch" (Luke 7:47).
Reply to Objection 2. God's justice and mercy appear both in the conversion of the Jews and of the Gentiles. But an aspect of justice appears in the conversion of the Jews which is not seen in the conversion of the Gentiles; inasmuch as the Jews were saved on account of the promises made to the fathers.
Reply to Objection 3. Justice and mercy appear in the punishment of the just in this world, since by afflictions lesser faults are cleansed in them, and they are the more raised up from earthly affections to God. As to thisGregory says (Moral. xxvi, 9): "The evils that press on us in this world force us to go to God."
Reply to Objection 4. Although creation presupposes nothing in the universe; yet it does presuppose something in the knowledge of God. In this way too the idea of justice is preserved in creation; by the production of beings in a manner that accords with the divine wisdom and goodness. And the idea of mercy, also, is preserved in the change of creatures from non-existence to existence.

And from today's Office of Readings from St. Alphonsus....

.... in whatever situations we happen to be, we can and we must aspire to the life of perfection.

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Somewhat follows my novel distributions and division from January, 2014...The Hour Glass.


..not another Bush.

Denial of Sin/Denial of Grace

Those who want to psychoanalyze the reasons for terrorism do so because they belong to the large group of people which denies sin. This group spans continents.

By making excuses, such a poverty or alienation, causes for terrorism, which these things are not necessarily, many of  the terrorists coming from comfortable if not wealthy backgrounds, those who blame society as the same ones who do not believe in sin.

The belief in sin demands that people take personal responsibility for their actions. Our choices cannot be blamed on environmental factors. Saints have grown out of the most dire of circumstances.

God gives sufficient grace for salvation to all peoples. The sociological paradigm denies both individual reponsbility and grace.

Socialism, among Catholic thinkers and even Catholic voters, has deadened the keen awareness that all of us must stand before God in the particular judgment; being shown every sin we every committed, every time we said no to grace, and all the opportunities for holiness which were passed by each one of us in our lifetimes. Socialism takes away personal responsiblity for life choices and the concept, as well as the reality, of the dignity of the individual.

To allow certain groups to play the victim means that we are not holding them up to the same standard of good and evil which made European nations civilized in the past.

Christendom and law were based on the Ten Commandments and natural law.

Now, these moral frameworks are ignored by courts and even Catholics across the world.

The denial of sin has created the chaos of the West. And, there is only one way out of a life of sin, the acceptance of Christ as Savior, as God.

From The Hermit

"You must be ready to suffer many great afflictions for the love of Our Lord, even martyrdom itself! Resolve to give Him, if He wants it, all that you hold most dear…those nearest to you, your eyes and even your life, because your heart must be prepared for all such sacrifices. However, as long as Divine Providence does not send you such great piercing afflictions, bear patiently the slight injuries, the little inconveniences, sickness, the unwarranted demands of relatives - in short, all such little trials which, when they are accepted and embraced with love, are highly pleasing to the good God and are a means of storing up vast spiritual riches if only you use them well." ~St Francis de Sales, Every Day with St. Francis de Sales

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They Come From Dust Part Twelve

Mason made the decision as the two women could not make up their minds about leaving the cabin. He left for two days and came back with a truck complete with a tank full of gas and three cans of gas in the back. They decided to leave most of the things for someone else to find. They took their own, private things like rosaries and breviaries. They decided to take only one week of food as the truck would allow them to get at least half-way, unless Mason found more gasoline.

A day was fixed for leaving, and like some sort of homing pigeon, Jimmy showed up at the door, looking very ill and tired.

They brought him in and fed him a hot dinner. Mason found a beer.

They sat at the table with him and waited. They knew he had found Carrie, otherwise he would not have returned.

"She was found fourteen miles downstream from where we were thrown in. In that area, an old doctor just happened to walking his dog on the riverside, as the land belonged to him. I happened to bump into him. He told me how he had found her. Of course, she was dead."

Jimmy stopped for a minute. "The doctor said that she had no signs of struggle and in fact, he suggested that she may have taken off the straps on purpose in order to save me as she had no marks on her body of cords or straps. I felt a huge shadow slip out of my soul. I had not caused her death, he said. Then, he walked away with his dog and I waited until he disappeared.

The next day, I returned to meet him and I never saw him again. But a local woman told me where Carrie had been buried, outside the town, in an old pioneer cemetery. I walked there, and under a small tree found a small marker which read, 'Drowned Woman', I took out a pen and crossed that off and put Carrie's full name on the marker, Carrie Hall and her date of death. I stopped and prayed for a bit." Janet was weeping silently. Brandy held one of her hands.

Mason knew now that Jimmy would be fine. He waited a few minutes and asked, "Do you want to go with us?"

Jimmy looked up, "Yes, yes. I will be well."

By seven the next morning, the truck with all the friends was on the road north. Mason put the two women in the front with him and Jimmy in the back, with the ammunition. The highway was strangely empty. Then, Mason had an idea that he should get off the main road and take back roads the rest of the way. He turned west and followed a B road for miles, He realized that this was to be the only way free of militia. He wondered about the earthquake damage, but saw nothing to indicate this area had been damaged. In fact, the more he travelled on the roads, the more he became bewildered by the lack of any signs of either earthquakes or volcanoes. Then, Janet spoke outloud.

"It is all lies. Nothing happened. Everything on the television was made up, drama. fake. Look, there is nothing here on the outskirts of the major cities to indicate a disaster."

Brandy asked, "But, where are all the people?" Mason did not answer. He was putting together some things he had learned long ago in the army about moving people out of areas quickly in case of disasters. That there were some earthquakes and volcanoes could not be denied, but what could be challenged was the amount of damage, the actual interruption of the grids and the extent of the devastation.

Mason saw a small gas station on the side of the road and pulled in. No one was there. He tried one of the pumps. It was unlocked, Gasoline poured out. He got cans out of the shop next to the station. All the food and drinks were gone, but much of the stuff sold for cars lined the shelves. Mason went into the bathroom, He turned on the water. The taps worked. He flushed the toilet. The plumbing worked.

As he walked back outside, he said to the ladies that this would be a good place to wash. Then, he sat down in the truck and Jimmy came up to him.

"Water running. Go try the electric lights inside, Jimmy."

Jimmy ran into the shop and found the main switches. All the lights went on. He turned them off again.

"I don't get it, Mason."

Mason answered slowly, "Someone wants to bring down America, uses some natural disasters, exaggerates the damage. The media is under their control. People are sent to camps for their own safety and those who wanted to take control just walk right in and take over."

"Are we all so stupid?" Jimmy looked so sad Mason could hardly answer. "Yes, we have been made to be sheeple."

The women came back and said they found three or four large gallon bottles of water. "Get them," said Mason.

Then they all got back in the truck and continued their journey with twenty gallons of gasoline and four gallons of spring water. Mason knew they would make it to the reservation. He wondered what they would find there.

Janet noted that all the houses and shops they passed were empty and looked looted. Mason said he did not want to stop but keep going. He did not want to be on the road at night. But, they would have to do so, if they encountered traffic.

He reckoned that they had six more hours of normal driving. Brandy took over after the first eight hours, while Mason slept next to her.

As they traveled north, they noticed that the weather was extraordinarily cold. In fact, by the time they were about three hours from the Canadian border, and Janet was driving, snow began to fall. Mason took over, as the road was becoming steep as they entered the Adirondacks. Jimmy had found three sleeping bags in the shop and was bundled up in the back. It was now dark, but Mason knew they would not find one car on the road. The entire state had been emptied of people. There seemed to be no army or police about. Mason remembered some old training guidelines for evacuation. How did the army get so efficient? He knew where one fema camp was in the area and purposefully went out of his way to avoid it by miles. This added about an hour to their time.

The trip took much less time as the truck was literally the only vehicle on the road. What should have taken fourteen hours with stops, took only ten, plus the one hour of detour. And, at six o'clock, although it was dark already, the group entered the boundaries of the Akwesasnes, Brandy's people.

They Come From Dust Part Thirteen

Adam and Father Gibson plus eleven members of the Knights of Karl took the last plane from Poland to New York. The new Emergency Air Flight Bill had passed the small Congress in Raleigh the very night the thirteen arrived in Eleanor Roosevelt Airport in New York. Adam had to admit that he would have been happy to stay with his cousins, but that was impossible with the lack of papers for him to stay longer in Poland.

There were up to 1,000 freedom fighters in Poland, under the banner of the Knights of Karl and about 6,000 in Lithuania. Those men all were picked because they had dual citizenship. The leader of one group was a priest from Krakow and Father Gibson had met him,Hope were high that these two countries would stay outside both the Russian territory and not fall into tyrannies. Russia had depleted both weapons and manpower taking back the other old territories of the Soviet Republic, plus fighting the new civil wars which were breaking out all other the area.

The weather across Europe had changed drastically to a long, cold season, an unusual winter. Adam knew that things would worsen for those already hungry and cold. And, as in the times of Henry and Elizabeth I, many Catholics had left Great Britain and Ireland, moving to Poland and Lithuania for mutual Catholic support.

Adam and Father Gibson had to decide where they would go next. Adam wanted to find Mason and company, and Father Gibson had to find his bishop in hiding. Neither were quite sure how to go about these adventures. But, when they got to the safe haven in the middle of NYC, certain people met them with good news. Most of the roads were clear. And another contact would help Father Gibson on his travels. Adam had to wait and just "go with the flow".

to be continued...

From A Friend

"If you want to be your own masters at all times, I advise you to make a very real effort to be detached from everything, and to do so without fear or hesitation. Then, when you go about your various duties, whether personal, family or otherwise, make honest use of upright human means with a view to serving God, his Church, your family, your profession, your country, and the whole of mankind. Remember that what really matters is not whether you have this or lack that, but whether you are living according to the truth taught us by our Christian faith, which tells us that created goods are only a means, nothing more. So, do not be beguiled into imagining that they are in any way definitive." ~St. JosemarĂ­a Escrivá, Friends of God