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Saturday 15 November 2014

Boys with Very Big Toys

How to help those becoming Catholic

I have a list of books I pass on to those who are studying to be Catholics. These books may or may not be part of their group or individual studies.

Here is the list.

The Compendium to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Douay-Rheims Bible

The Roman Catechism, also called The Catechism of the Council of Trent

The CTS Sunday Missal hardbound

The Lives of the Saints dual book, Vol. I and II


Lives of the Saints for Everyday of the Year by Butler

Are there any convert readers who would like to add books significant to them? I assume all get or buy a CCC immediately.

Update on Malta and Citizenship

I think I mentioned this before on this blog. I was here last year when the government decided to charge for citizenship. This government only wants rich people to live here.

Take a look at this article from The Times of Malta November 14, 2014.


"No citizenships have yet been granted as a result of the cash-for-passports scheme but letters of approval have been issued, according to the Home Affairs Ministry....This means that before receiving their passport, approved applicants have to satisfy the obligations of the citizenship programme, including paying the rest of the 650,000 Euro contribution, purchasing or renting property subject to the legal minimums, investing 150,000 Euros in government stock and fulfilling the residency requirement."

Most of the applicants are from guess where? Egypt, Russia, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Asia, France, the USA.

Malta will not stay Catholic.

And, STM could never live here....under these conditions.

And take a look at this misinformation. Deceit is not from God.

R U Surprised? I 'm Not

On The Apocalyptic Scriptures

As the Liturgical Year comes to an end, something is noticeable in the readings on Sunday and during the week. The reading become centered on three themes.

These are the days of tribulation and persecution; the end of the world and the final judgement; and the need for penance.

Advent continues with the call to repentance, especially in the words of St. John the Baptist.

But, in the weeks running up to Advent, we see the persistent themes noted above.


The end of the Liturgical Year is an appropriate time for reminders of the final judgement, end times, tribulation, persecution and penance. As the season of Autumn become more wintry, as cold and darkness set in, we are reminded of death, our death and the death of all mankind. We are reminded of our particular judgement and the final judgement.

Readings from Luke remind us of Christ's words on the end times.

Readings from the Apocalypse remind us of judgement.

Readings from the prophets warn us of the truths of Revelation that we shall be persecuted and judged.

These themes are not merely in this year of Luke, but are also found in the years of Mark and Matthew. The Church has always reminded us of persecution, judgment and death at this time of year, even in the Tridentine Calendar.

Indeed, as we move towards the great feast of Christ the King, this year on November 23rd, the last Sunday of the Church Year, we see this movement towards His Reign.

We are being asked to get prepared for the Kingdom of God. We are being asked to get ready for persecution, trials, the end of the world, the final judgement.

Get ready.

Without Contemplatives, There Can Be No Holy Action

Jacques Maritain was called to a world-wide mission of reconstructing Thomism in the modern world. His wife, Raissa, was called to pray for him while he did this, and to pray for priests in the renewal of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas.

They made a celibate commitment, which I have written about and will post again at the end of this posting.

What these two, husband and wife, came to understand was that without some people in the Catholic Church giving their lives to almost constant contemplative prayer, there can be no worthwhile activity in the Church.

One of the main reasons the Church is weak is that we simply do not have the backup of hours of prayer, contemplative prayer, which use to exist in the Church.

The demise of the great contemplative orders, either because of heresy, shrinkage, or disappearance entirely, and the lack of understanding among the laity that many lay persons are also called to contemplation, cause the lack of strength for the Church. The Maritains knew this and wrote about this. Action without contemplation almost always is based on egotism and pride, thus undermining the real ministries of the Church. 

Too many lay people blame the clergy for weaknesses without praying constantly for the priests, bishops, and cardinals.

But, intercessory prayer now and then is simply not good enough.

What the contemplative does is what Marines do before the Army hits the beach. The shock troops go in and clear the way for the others. The contemplatives in the Church are the special forces, fighting against the greatest enemies, the unseen demons which hate and plague the Church.

Those in the world do mop up or they take advantage of the territory cleared by the contemplatives.

This was taught to me in grade school, when the good nuns explained the difference between the contemplative orders and the active orders. Plainly, the active orders of teachers, nurses, and missionaries could do nothing without the Carmelites, Benedictines, Augustinians, Cistercians, Trappists, Carthusians and so on.

Without those warriors on the front lines, not much can get done.

We see the Church in one of the weakest states She has ever been. And, one of the main reasons for this decline is the decline of the contemplative orders. Recall the Vatican's eloquent work on this subject, found here and on this blog in various postings.

Well, the laity, like Raissa Maritain, must pick up the dropped baton and carry on.

If men and women are not responding to the call of contemplation, which is prayer only realized after the levels of prayer and purification as taught by Garrigou-Lagrange and explained on this blog, the Church will remain weak and, in fact, grow weaker.

Twice I have tried to gather together lay women for a lay order of contemplation. Twice this has failed for lack of a benefactor to buy us a house.

A fixable obstacle, imo,  is to have a place to pray. How many people have multiple dwellings, two or three places to live. But, some contemplatives, who would find strength being together, rather than being separate, cannot do so.

So, those of us who do pray and are moving into more and more contemplation, do so on our own, which is extremely difficult. One does not make money praying. One cannot have stability without a place. And, not having the Eucharist in house creates logistical difficulties.

Raissa Maritain was blessed not only with a place but with the Eucharist in her home. This has been a dream of mine, to be able to adore Christ at any time in the day in a private chapel.

God has not yet answered this desire of my heart. So, I get on the bus and go miles to Adoration chapels. I am blessed by having these within bus distance in Malta. It was not possible for me to get to Adoration either in Iowa or in New York. The main reason I am here is to pray more and adore more.

Jacques became highly successful in his mission to re-introduce Aquinas to the world. Raissa was the power behind his activity, in her unceasing prayers for his work.

More than ever, the Church needs contemplatives. I am called to this life, and the blog is the result of prayer, study, reflection.

Pray that I can find that place. I am only here temporarily, as usual. I shall make the most of my time here to go before God for the needs of the Church, especially the clergy.

Even though there is a small renewal of new and old contemplative orders, these are a drop in the ocean, a drop of what is needed.

I pray the laity pick up the baton and run on in the contest, as called by Christ to do so.

Monday, 16 January 2012

An Unusual, Controversial Catholic Subject-Celibacy in Marriage

Now, I am not married, but I live a celibate life-style. However, I have an increasing number of friends, traditional Catholics, who have opted for celibacy in their marriages. This is not a new ideal in the Church, and although Christ wants most married couples to be fruitful and multiply, that is, to have the wonderful children God desires them to have, there have been and are couples, who for the sake of the kingdom, have chosen a different way. Of course, the norm, having children as God gives, creates saints, such as Blessed Louis and  Blessed Zelie Martin, Blessed Karl and Empress Zita, SS. Joachim and Anna, SS. Isidore and Maria (who vowed abstinence later in their marriage), and so on. This is not an exhaustive list.

However, the emphasis on celibacy should be rare, but seen as a call within a call. I also think there has to be good reason for not having children. The grand example are two of my favorite Catholics, Jacques and Raissa Maritain, who on the Isle of Wight, as Benedictine Oblates, took a vow of celibacy "for the sake of the Kingdom". Raissa writes in her diary, which I practically have memorized, that it was difficult for her, but she could see that Jacques was called to be in the world and she was his prayer backup, companion in holiness, and confidant, as well as best-friend. They shared philosophy, theology, and the dedication to bringing the Gospel into the workplace in the extreme. God called them to this.

I first met celibate married couples about twenty-five years ago. The first couple I met were in their forties and had a close relationship with the Church and the priest who was the pastor. They were very active in the Church, but did not have normal marital relations. They had chosen that way and had married later in life. The man had been in the Jesuit seminary for years, but left, as he did not think he had a priestly vocation. He found a wife who would support him in his spiritual walk. The second couple I met were in their early sixties. They had decided that past child-bearing age, they would make a celibate commitment. Since then, I have met another couple who have decided the same thing. Their "extra" time is spent in good works, praying and fasting. Obviously, these couples have spiritual directors. This call within a call is, also, obviously, by mutual consent.

Those with a worldly mindset and even some good Catholics may find this call repelling or unnatural. I would say that this call is rare, but not unnatural. I think that those who decide to live in the world, or are called so by God to remain among the laity, can exhibit a variety of calls "for the sake of the Kingdom". And, to be in a relationship which is celibate may be a sign of contradiction to the world as well as giving two people the necessary, daily support a brother and sister in Christ may give to each other. Intimacy has many faces, and the physical side of intimacy is only one aspect of relationship. I have written this to support my friends who have chosen this way and to encourage those who feel the need for companionship without sex to be comforted in that they are not alone. We are all called to be saints, and there are many ways, in Christ, through Mary, to be saints.

In addition, God did not intend people to live all alone. The fact that there are so many single, lonely individuals needs to be addressed by the Church. Those who for whatever reason cannot be a priest or nun or sister, have some options, but loneliness should not be the norm. Church communities have failed, especially in America, to support their singles. Many Catholics are singles for many reasons. There exists a judgmental attitude, which excludes those singles from the larger interaction in the Church. And, for those who desire celibacy in the world, that is an option, but it does not have to equal loneliness. I am very fortunate, as I do not experience the gnawing type of loneliness some do. I may miss my dear friends when apart from them, but that is different than the vague experience of loneliness many feel. We all need to reach out to those who feel this need, pray for them, and include them in our busy lives. To do otherwise is not to be Christian.

Wow! In My Country... which was Christian

And some of you did not check out the link I put on yesterday--check it out now.

The woman in this video shames many mediocre Catholics.

Lost Souls because.....

I know for a fact that young men are saying no to God regarding becoming priests.

St. Francis, according to Fr. Minelli, was asked by a leader of a Japanese tribe, a man who had heard of God's love for the Japanese, this question: " How come God, if He is so good, as you say he is, has waited so long before making Christianity known to us?" "Do you want to know?" replied the Saint with sadness. "Here is why: God had inspired many Christians to come and announce to you the Good  News, but many of the have not wanted to heed His call."

No priests, no sacraments, no Mass, no Eucharist, no absolution of sins, no communities...

The great sin of men who are refusing the call is one of sloth. It is too easy to just be single, go with the flow, live a completely self-centered life.

Those who are answering the call understand that the day of the comfortable cleric is over.

We are fast entering the new Age of the Martyrs.

Where are the real men who will answer God's call?

They have been pampered from birth by misguided parents. They only want to feed their own needs and they do not love God or His Bride, the Church.

Too many are saying no and souls will be lost.....

Yesterday, a priest and I discussed the love of the Church which should be in the hearts of priests.

Where is this bridal love? It is a gift for anyone who wants it. It is Christ's Own Love for all of us.

I Fear for Malta

St. John Bosco said that a priest either goes to heaven and takes many people with him, or goes to hell and takes many people with him.

Sadly, today, I heard one of his own order speak heresy from the pulpit.

The priest does not understand that there are no differences between doctrine, the natural law and pastoral care. He does not understand that the law is love, and love makes a person want to follow the law. There is not separation between doctrine and love.

The meat of his talk was that the traditionalists and "rigorists" were causing division, by insisting on Latin, which causes division (ironically, Latin unites all the peoples of the world) and by insisting on following doctrine.

This priest, who up to this day, seemed orthodox, revealed a deep mistrust of the teachings of Christ on marriage. In fact, he also contradicted the theology of baptism by calling all people children of God, which they are not. He omitted the truth that only baptism makes us all children of God and heirs of heaven, not birth. We are born in Original Sin, which ties us to satan until that sin is removed and we are brought into sanctifying grace. Only after baptism are we adopted children of God, and this truth is in every catechism, including the CCC and Trent's.

Also, the priest was clearly referring to the fact that the Church will change the idea of what a family is. I cannot even refer to the exact phrase as it was too insulting not only to God, but to those of us who believe that marriage and family are sacred terms, with a definition created by God. Family means a father, a mother, and children. He absolutely rejected that definition.

And, this is the problem. This priest, like so many others, does not know his own Faith. He does not understand either the natural law or sacramental grace.

He does not understand that God's definitions are immutable.

I was so grieved by the talk, and the fact that he will continue this next week, as he said, that I do not know where to go to Mass now. If a priest is so confused about basic sacramental theology, what is the status of his consecration of the Host? And, if he intends to separate from the long tradition of the Church, is he not in heresy already?

Finally, the priest is not aware that he is causing scandal and leading others astray. One reason he is leading people astray is that he, like so many other priests, cave in to the false beliefs of the laity concerning sin.

Parents and grandparents in the congregation want to believe their children are "saved" even when they are living in adultery, fornication, active homosexual sex.

A person told me that we should not use the term adultery when his own wife is living with another man-without a divorce and anullment. He is in denial. He is denying her very public sin. And, the priest wants to cover up for this type of lying to self and to others. He wants to ameliorate the suffering of those whose children and grandchildren have gone astray. There is no easy way to avoid the Cross of Christ.

The priest referred to the Cross, but he did not explain that this suffering is the suffering of the laity, interceding daily for family.

I went and prayed for this priest as I fell into grief after hearing this sermon. I grieve because this priest is speaking lies and because he is leading others astray. He ignored the clear statement the Vatican just published on not giving Communion to those is irregular marriages. I posted that below.

He ignored Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider's statements, which are so clear. so orthodox. The hatred of the Latin Mass on this island is demonic and widespread. There is no TLM and I have not met one priest who says it.

I am sick at heart because I cannot fine a Tridentine community on this entire island. I know personally three people who love it and that is all. Three. I have no congregation and priest with whom I can have real fellowship, which means concord in the Faith.

I have decided I would never move here permanently until a bishop allows the TLM and stops this type of hatred of Latin, which comes from one source-the evil one, and, until a bishop reforms the teaching of the seminaries, including those of the orders here.

I prayed very hard for this priest not to be one of those who goes to hell dragging many people with him.

Penance, prayer, suffering for priests is absolutely needed.

If there is a world-wide schism, I fear for Malta.

Consider what a weight of responsibility for the salvation of souls is laid upon the priest. His task is to bring the faith to unbelievers, to convert sinners, to give fervor to the lukewarm, to stimulate the good to become ever better, to make holy people walk on the highest levels. Now how can he do all this unless he maintains a true union, an identity, with Jesus? This is why Padre Pio of Pietrelcina used to say, “The priest is either a saint or a devil.” He either moves souls to holiness or to ruin. What incalculable ruin does the priest not bring who profanes his vocation by unworthy conduct or who ventures to trample on it by renouncing his status as one consecrated and chosen by the Lord (John 15:16)!

In the canonical proceedings for the canonization of St. John Vianney, it is written that the holy Curé shed many tears “as he thought of the ruin of priests who do not correspond to the holiness of their vocation.” Padre Pio of Pietrelcina described heart-rending visions of the frightful pains Jesus suffered for the guilt of unworthy and unfaithful priests.
We know that St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the angelic Carmelite nun, just before she died made her last Holy Communion for this sublime intention — to obtain the return of a stray priest who had renounced his vocation. And we know that this priest died repentant, invoking Jesus.
We know that souls are not rare, especially virginal souls, who have offered themselves as victims to be sacrificed to God for priests. These souls are favored by Jesus in an altogether singular way. But let us, too, offer prayers and sacrifices for priests, for those in danger and for those who stand more firm and secure, for those who are straying and for those who are advancing in perfection.

Transformation-The Acceptable Time

On this blog, I have focused on transformation; transforming one's self, one's family, one's method of schooling. I have written on transformation in one's method of praying, one's community, one's parish.

The need for transformation starts in the manner in which one thinks, reasons, reflects. It begins in the mind. One becomes convinced of the Truth of the Holy Catholic Church and converts.

People in ministries spend too much time addressing the heart. Only the Holy Spirit can change a heart. But, we can change minds, our own and others.

Christ addresses this, and so does St. Paul, and only those who are faithful members of the Catholic Church do what Paul states.

1 Corinthians 2:16Douay-Rheims 

16 For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that we may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.
Those who do not believe in Christ, that He is God and that He is the Redeemer, do not have the mind of Christ.
Those who do not believe in the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, do not have the mind of Christ.
Those who do not follow the Ten Commandments or conform their minds and souls to the Beatitudes, do not have the mind of Christ.
Be transformed. Sometimes, the word used in this translation is "transformed", which means "reformed".

Romans 12:2  Douay-Rheims 

And be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.

Almost 800 posts on this blog deal with perfection. over 370 reveal the teachings of the Doctors of the Church on perfection. Almost 400 turn to the lives of the saints and martyrs. Over 200 point to the necessity of training the young in the virtues.

Over 150 are on persecution.

This is the time to become transformed. churches are closing and more will close. Priests will disappear in your areas leaving only a few to minister to thousands. Schools will close or conform to the mind of the State, not God's mind.

The time for transformation is now

2 Corinthians 6:2 Douay-Rheims

For he saith: In an accepted time have I heard thee; and in the day of salvation have I helped thee. Behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation

Pray for More Exorcists

I belong to the Auxilium Christianorum and the Third Order of The Most Sorrowful Mother.

I highly suggest you pray for more exorcists. I know one who covered a seven state area and southern Canada, as those areas had not exorcist priests. He is now retired and completely exhausted.

And, do not get involved with anyone doing deliverance ministries without priests who are appointed exorcists of a diocese, under a bishop. More harm than good comes from so-called deliverance ministries outside of God's order.

Pray for the Pope and These Women

A Request for Readers

Like the widow demanding justice and mercy, I am trying to get my immigration problems straightened out with help.

Please, please, would you all pray for a happy solution to this huge problem? Pray for those trying to help me.

I know where I am supposed to be. May St. Paul and Our Lady Undoer of Knots intercede for me. 

This passage is today's Gospel.

Luke 18:1-8Douay-Rheims

18 And he spoke also a parable to them, that we ought always to pray, and not to faint,
Saying: There was a judge in a certain city, who feared not God, nor regarded man.
And there was a certain widow in that city, and she came to him, saying: Avenge me of my adversary.
And he would not for a long time. But afterwards he said within himself: Although I fear not God, nor regard man,
Yet because this widow is troublesome to me, I will avenge her, lest continually coming she weary me.
And the Lord said: Hear what the unjust judge saith.
And will not God revenge his elect who cry to him day and night: and will he have patience in their regard?
I say to you, that he will quickly revenge them. But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?

Albert The Great

As readers may know, I did a Doctors of the Church series. Here are the links to St. Albert the Great, whose feast day is today. Also included are some other posts merely referring to him.

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So far, I have dipped into the writings of these great men women, Doctors of the Church, in the series. Hildegard of Binen Therese of Lisieux Teresa of Avila Catherine of Siena Augustine of Hippo Ambrose Albert the Great.
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I shall save the best one until last, the Universal Doctor of the Church, Thomas Aquinas, and as we already looked at St. Catherine of Siena, a Third Order Dominican, I can concentrate on St. Albert the Great today. Again, I am ...

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