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Thursday 20 March 2014

Prayers, please

Slight complication in the second eye op.

Prayers, please and more later.


Bishops' Comments? Any?

Sad Our American Leaders Are So Pathetic...

Really, who would you rather have as leader of this country?

Sigh, my conversations are boring

"Hi, can you pick me up from the surgery now, please?"

"Hi, would you be able to take me to a follow-up appointment?"

"Hello, can you pick me up, please, as I cannot drive with a bandage over my eye?"

"Hi, and thanks for all your help today."

May be a false alarm, as one reader noted.

Here is another link. Comments?

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Leadership Crisis Time Again

Bishops are silent about Nigeria. Bishops are silent about the gay marriage debates. Catholic politicians are silent or support abortion. Priests talk about the Gospel passages in terms which have nothing to do with the details of our lives. Priests talk as if they are living in a vacuum.

I never, ever, hear a sermon from the pulpit on any topic which is undermining the Church's freedom in America. I have never heard a warning from the pulpit on the days to come, and preparing for such times.

Week after week, priests talk about spirituality as if it is separate from real life. Our spirituality must be that of the martyrs. Tough and strong, courageous and zealous spirituality must be taught now.

We are living in terrible times leading to persecution, and I have not heard one sermon in the States on how to become holy and prepare for strife. Not one.

Why? Why are the leaders of the Church at all levels avoiding talking about the signs of the times?

Even young people who are completely secular can see the decay of civilization and the marginalization of religion in the workplace and public square.

And, yet, not a word from the pulpit. No bishops' letters on preparing for hard times.....

Sorry, I do not want to hear about drives for money to build new assembly halls for the Church, or for the redecoration of the school, or for air conditioning.

No. I want to hear about how to be a remnant Church in a sea of unbelief.

I have written on this subject. Father Z and others have as well-the fact that we Catholics find ourselves surrounded by pagans seems to be a taboo subject.


And, some priests actually think we are heading for a time of glory and the coming of the Church Triumphant again.

The evil of false prophecies from Medjugorje has infected some priests' imaginations. These are in denial about the coming persecution. Why?

Because too many false prophets and false apparitions over and over and over speak of good times to come and the priests believe these messages? Have priests been stifled by their bishops? Have they tried to speak of the times?

We are in the last stage of Stage Four of persecution and rapidly moving into Stage Five.

If Catholics lose the Faith, or even commit suicide in the very hard times to come, what will those priests in la-la land say then?

Will they keep talking about trivia? Why are priests wasting time talking about trivia-bake sales, fish suppers, fund-raising, when we are facing the darkest time the Catholic Church has ever seen?

Please, priests, talk about building real community relationships. Talk about becoming saints and training children to become saints.

We do not have much time.

I heard two sermons on coming persecution in Europe.  I heard one on this subject in St. Kevin's Latin Mass Chapel last summer. Bravo! And, I heard one is a church in Surrey last spring.

The priests had the courage to say the Catholics were going to face persecution.

I have heard nothing of the kind in America. Nada.

A crisis in leadership-when the shepherds are asleep, the wolves scatter the sheep.

Man, Evil in The Words

Being in and out of places yesterday, getting ready for today's op, I had to endure some horrible music in a shop by some singer I do not know.

The words were pure evil. The lyrics extolled "diversity", being gay, accepting people of all sorts of sexuality, and confusing this with the acceptance of different races. The worst part involved a stanza in which the singer sang about sitting in church as a child and hearing hate.

Amazing. A song equating Christianity with hate, equating all Sunday worship with prejudice.

Ironically, from history, we know that the Christians led the fight against slavery, not the non-religious.

Get ready for more of this brainwashing, folks. And, parents, are you paying attention to what you children are hearing?

Millenials Contra Mundum

Recently, I have talked with Millenials about the signs of the times.  They all agreed that "things are bad" and they do not trust the government of the United States. These bright sparks hate the intrusion of the government in their private lives, as most of this generation are introverts, not extroverts, for the first time in American history. They will not stop using social media, as their lives and relationships are not confined to their immediate surroundings. They have friends across the world. Therefore, they accept they have little privacy. But, they feel like things are going to get much worse. Unlike their parents, who are living in bubbles of unreality, these youth see the decay of civilization and the encroachment of Big Brother.

They are more savvy then their Gen-X parents and are making moral decisions basically from what they learn, as they, mostly, were taught very little at home and nothing in school.

They know how to find research and many get their news outside the main-stream media and not from sites they think give "disinformation" on purpose. NONE of them watch television, or very little.

One young lady, to whom I was speaking, told me that there is an entire sub-culture of networks for news, which does not include Alex Jones, or Russ, or others their elders may watch.

Interesting. This same young lady told me that she is re-discovering spirituality from her ancestors' past- in her case, not Christian, but Native American. I find this intriguing that the materialism is not on their radar-relationships are.

Those who are extremely computer savvy, find news and share the bits with others worldwide. What is sad, is that few of these Millenials have local communities. They do not.  In fact, many have only one sibling, or are only children.

However, they are looking, seeking, not satisfied with the world they inherited from their parents. They no longer care about status or competition in the world. Half of their generation are unemployed and those who are working seem grateful for work. They are not smug or self-satisfied.

A new world order faces them and they hate it. Some have fallen into cynicism, but many just do not know where to turn for truth.

Some of their friends have dulled their imaginations through clubbing, (I wrote about the evils of clubbing last summer), and drugs. But, many do not desire to deaden themselves to reality.

The field is ripe for the harvest, in my opinion. And, these youth are too sophisticated for such half-way measures which are dated and immature, such as Life Teen. They want to be challenged intellectually, not pandered to by emotional nonsense.

They want more. They may not know exactly what they want, but they are thirsty for God.

We are the ones who must respond to this generation of seekers. Do not let them down. Do not discourage their journeys. Pray for the Millenials.