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Tuesday 20 March 2012

"Come to Rome in complete safety,"

There is an interesting letter on Rorate Caeli, one of my favorite blogs, on a letter from Monsignor Nicola Bux on the SSPX and Rome. I highly suggest that you read it. This type of thing gives me hope in all the gloom surrounding the spurned overtures from Rome.

Chavagnes International College

Chavagnes International College is a great but small treasure in the Vendee. Here, where I am visiting, the ancient monastic site holds a small English boys' college, where students get individual attention and much Catholic input. The Headmaster, Mr. Ferdi McDermott, who founded the school over ten years ago, has a charismatic personality which informs the entire staff with a certain energy. In addition, what is most impressive is the faculty tutor staff, some of whom are young and traditional and who are part of the Community of St. Gregory here, an official Community of the Faithful. Without this backbone of prayer and commitment, the school would not be as precious as it is. For any traditional Catholic family which does not want to home school the boys, this is a real option.

The French boys learn English and the English boys learn French. The curriculum is solid and I have rarely seen such a dedicated staff. Even the food is better than typical English school fare, but then, it is in France.

Last night, the students and faculty provided a Shakespeare night with selections and it was very well done, including the music and ambiance. It was lovely to hear Shakespeare in the middle of the Vendee, including Henry V selections. Here is one of the links to the school, which also has the Tridentine as well as the NO Mass, and there is another link. There is also a book from Amazon.

The Brainwashing of Relativism for a Generation of Catholic Youth: where are the heroes of tomorrow?

The Battle for Malta
There is a generation or maybe two, of young people who cannot distinguish real Islam from the teachings of the Koran to the media indoctrination of the so-called religion of peace. This is partly because the media chooses to highlight a phrase which indicates that the religion of Mohammed is not really practiced by the terrorists, or the Muslim Brotherhood, who are somehow "radicalized". The radicalization of Islam is not an aberrational addition, but part and parcel of the religion, and if anyone takes the time to actually study the Koran and the Hadith, one discovers the truth. In December, one of the Egyptian clerics went live and on video to proclaim that Islam will take over Rome, as it did Constantinople. Why no one notices these things except the great Spencer is beyond me. Why is it that Catholics are so afraid of being truthful about the violence within the original teachings, still being taught to millions of people across the world?  Let me give you part of the quotation from this Egyptian Al-Nas TV from Spencer's website--Salem Abu Al-Futouh : The Prophet Muhammad told us that Islam would spread. He told us about the Islamic conquest of Constantinople - Turkey of today - and indeed, it was conquered. He also told us about the conquest of Rome, which is Italy. People find this strange. "How can we conquer Italy?" they say. "We are too weak." You should consider the number of Muslims in that great Christian center - another person converts to Islam every day. Check on the Internet how many people want to convert to Islam in the very heart of that papal center of Christianity, on their own turf.

The Battle of Lepanto
Now, conversion is not violence exactly, it is numerical and the fact that strict Muslims do not contracept or abort their babies means that there are more and more young Islamic people and as Christians do contracept and abort, there are less and less Christian youth. However, the message is still one of conquest and the comparison of the take over of Rome with that of Constantinople should warn Christians that there is a danger in the message. Unless Catholic parents stop being so politically correct, unless history is actually taught from the standpoint of truth rather than political correctness or even political agenda, that would include a hatred of the West and a hatred of Christianity, the youth will not be able to withstand conversion and be duped into a religion of hate and violence. Catholic teaching needs to recapture the stand of the Church Militant on this point and Catholics need to understand that those who speak such threats are not insane or exaggerating. Let us not forget that the Catholic Liturgical Calendar celebrates the feast days of Mary, the Mother of God because she intervened in two great battles which stopped the conquest of Europe by the Muslims. One is the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, September 12th, a battle spilling over from the 11th, celebrating the Battle of Vienna in 1683, and is why there was the attack planned on September 11th, 2001. Wiki has a nice article on this. 

The second feast day is that of the Most Holy Rosary, celebrating Mary's intercession over the Battle of Lepanto, again highlighted here from Wiki.  Our Catholic youth can read about these great battles in several excellent books, including those by Anne and Warren Carroll, the great historian, who died last year. I can also suggest teaching the young through the books of Hilaire Belloc, The Crusades, and  The Great Heresies. which is actually highlighted here, as it is all online.

Let me end with a section of Belloc's last book mentioned above--and apologies for the weird print. 

Cultures spring from religions; ultimately the vital force which
maintains any culture is its philosophy, its attitude toward the universe;
the decay of a religion involves the decay of the culture corresponding to
it_we see that most clearly in the breakdown of Christendom today. The bad
work begun at the Reformation is bearing its final fruit in the
dissolution of our ancestral doctrines_the very structure of our society
is dissolving.

        In the place of the old Christian enthusiasms of Europe there
came, for a time, the enthusiasm for nationality, the religion of
patriotism. But self-worship is not enough, and the forces which are
making for the destruction of our culture, notably the Jewish Communist
propaganda from Moscow, have a likelier future before them than our
old-fashioned patriotism.

        In Islam there has been no such dissolution of ancestral
doctrine_or, at any rate, nothing corresponding to the universal break-up
of religion in Europe. The whole spiritual strength of Islam is still
present in the masses of Syria and Anatolia, of the East Asian mountains,
of Arabia, Egypt and North Africa.

Sadly, these have proved to be prophetic words. Note the Polish Hussars charging at the Battle of Vienna. We need to teach classes on these heroes again, now.

Think Why Antisemitism is on the Rise in France

Here is a report from The Times of Israel

K Ya’akov Katz called Monday for Jews to leave France in the wake of a deadly attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse.
“There is no Jewish future in France,” Katz, of the National Union party, said, adding that the state of Israel is the future of the Jewish people, and that Jews should not trust their fate to “Sarkozy, Obama or other world leaders.”
French President Nicolas Sarkozy (Photo credit: Olivier Fitoussi /FLASH90)
French President Nicolas Sarkozy (photo credit: Olivier Fitoussi /Flash90)
The Israeli Foreign Ministry, by contrast, expressing shock over the attack, said Israel was confident the French authorities would do “everything possible” to bring the perpetrator to justice.
Opposition head Tzipi Livni posted on her Facebook page, calling it a sad day. “The state of Israel and the Jewish people are partners in battling antisemitism and hate crimes,” she said. Livni said France must protect its citizens from events like this one, adding that she trusts the French authorities will find the person responsible.
The UK board of Jewish Deputies issued a press statement, saying the attack is “a terrible reminder of the threat” minorities in Europe face.
A rabbi, two of his children and a young girl were killed when a man on a motorbike shot them in front of a Jewish school in Toulouse. The man fled, and French police were searching for him.
In the wake of the deadly attack, MK Danny Danon (Likud), called for an urgent session Tuesday of the Knesset’s Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee, which he chairs, to discuss the attack.
“We will not allow the pogroms of the beginning of the 20th century to return to Europe,” Danon said.
The French ambassador to Israel, Christophe Bigot, is expected to attend the session, entitled “Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in Europe.”

I think it is time for leaders to start being honest and admit why there is a rise of Antisemitism in France, which has up to a 10% Muslim population. Edith Stein, St. Teresia Benedicta of the Cross, pray for us and for those who have died recently from hate crimes.

Santorum can beat Obama

From the Santorum camp:

In Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia (four critical states) our campaign is polling 4% better than President Obama, while the Romney campaign is polling 4% worse than the President.
Why is there an 8 point difference between our campaigns? Because our principles and ideas are winning over independent voters and Mitt Romney's negative attacks and issue flip-flops are not.
Americans want leadership and a concrete plan of action. They don't want more equivocation and policy half-steps. That's why we can beat Obama and Mitt Romney never can.
The numbers show us what we already know in our hearts. Our conservative principles and ideas are the key to winning in the fall.

Santorum visited a favorite pizza place

Rick Santorum, the man officially supported for president on this blog, was in the Quad Cities where I am from, and visited a pizza place the conservatives all know in Moline. Here is a little clip:

Rick Santorum continued his assault on Mitt Romney in Moline on Monday ahead of Tuesday's Illinois Republican presidential primary.

In a rousing speech to about 200 people at The Moline Club, the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania questioned Mr. Romney's conservative credentials and pledged to cut corporate taxes to "zero" to aid manufacturing in places like the Quad Cities.

"We have one nominee who says he wants to run the economy. What kind of conservative says that the president runs the economy?" Mr. Santorum said of Mr. Romney. "What kind of conservative says 'I'm the guy because of my economic experience that can create jobs?' 

"We conservatives generally think that the government doesn't create jobs." 

Mr. Santorum, who served in the U.S. House 1991-1995 and in the U.S. Senate 1995-2007, is trailing Mr. Romney in recent Illinois polls. But on Monday he pointed to his recent victories in Alabama and Mississippi as evidence he could upset the odds again.

He castigated Mr. Romney for implementing a system of universal health care while he was governor of Massachusetts, calling it the inspiration for "Obamacare." 

His 40-minute speech, peppered with references to President Ronald Reagan, portrayed this year's presidential election as a pivotal moment in history that was about the fundamental nature of the country.

"I don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. It doesn't matter to me," he said. "My campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates and growth rates. There's something more foundational that's going on here."

Christie Schilling, the wife of U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling, R-Colona, spoke before Mr. Santorum took the stage, describing him as a "pro-life hero." Mr. Santorum was introduced to the audience Monday by Neil Anderson, a Republican candidate for District 72 state representative. 

Mr. Santorum reportedly travelled to Rep. Schilling's pizza restaurant after speaking and made his own pizza, which he called a "Santorum special." When a restaurant staffer was asked if he could verify that report, he replied, "Sir, I cannot confirm that; I have secret service standing next to me." 

The pizza place, a great meeting ground for traditional Catholics as well as conservative politicians, has great food, if you are in the area. I was last there in March, 2011, almost a year ago. Greetings to all, and especially my seminarian friend from the area.

POTUS pushes his anti-moral agenda big time...

This is getting to be out and out persecution of all moral people and especially the Catholic Church. The Obama administration has announced today that all health insurance for young women in all colleges and universities must provide sterilization. This is just to prove a point. This man is capable of persecuting the Church for a point. Remember is a Black Liberation Theology buff, believing that the Blacks are the chosen people of God. He also is a Marxist. Wake up America. I think he is capable of starting a faux war to keep being a president.

God help us. Here are some quotations from the article: ( - All student health care plans covering female college students in the United States must include coverage for free voluntary sterilization surgery, the Department of Health and Human Services announced late Friday afternoon.
Women of college age who do not attend school will also get free sterilization coverage whether they are insured through an employer, their parents, or some form of government-subsidized plan.
All student health plans, HHS said Friday as it finalized a new regulation under the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) must cover the full set of cost-free women’s “preventive services” that HHS ordered last month must be covered by all U.S. health care plans.
These free “preventive services” include surgical sterilization procedures and all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions.

Check this update from WND for Obama's Marxist connections.