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Monday 17 November 2014

Sad Day

The change means the addition of a sentence to Canon 33, stating: "A man or a woman may be consecrated to the office of bishop."
Archbishop Welby said: "Today we can begin to embrace a new way of being the church and moving forward together. We will also continue to seek the flourishing of the church of those who disagree."
Speaking before the vote, BBC Religious Affairs Correspondent Caroline Wyatt said it was "a mainly symbolic stage in this long process but it's clearly an immensely historic and really significant one".

Well, they cannot pretend they are Catholics anymore.......

Big post day

As you can tell, I am feeling better after being ill for two days. Lots of posts today.

Keep praying for my immigration needs, please

See you all tomorrow. If you are watching the ISS feed I put on a few posts ago, you may see me waving from Malta. LOL.

OH NO!....well what does one expect from this cleric?

Talk about modernist cardinals....never did trust this one.

Pray for him. He does so much damage. Do these men not think before they say something? I am sure the interviewer asked loaded questions, but really, where is the virtue of prudence?

This is too cool-live earth from the space station

We Need Humor! Love Grumpy Cat.

If You Think Things Are Bad Now, Read This

Francis to go to the States

Voice of The Family News

Bishop Laffitte affirms JPII teaching on marriage

Bishop Jean Laffitte, secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, today addressed theHumanum colloquium at the Vatican. The colloquium is entitled “The Complementarity of Man and Woman” and has been organised by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Below is a summary of Bishop Laffitte’s address to the colloquium, entitled “The Sacramentality of Human Love According to Saint John Paul II” (full text)
(republished with permission)
Bishop Jean Laffitte reaffirms the centrality of the teaching of St. John Paul II on Christian marriage
With less than a month after the close of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, an interfaith world colloquium took place, in Rome, organized by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This event, which has involved several months of preparation, emphasized the complementarity between man and woman in structuring human love, the source of the Family, the fundamental cell of society.
Among the many contributions made by members of different religious confessions, and available on the colloquium’s official website the contribution of Catholic thought was presented by the French theologian, Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family.
Delivered to a particularly attentive assembly, the French theologian’s lecture focused initially on the sacramental mystery of the spousal union which has its source in the love that unites Christ to the Church. Bishop Laffitte held that marriage was described by St. John Paul II as a “primordial sacrament” in which all the sacraments find their “prototype”. Then showing the relationship between the body and the sacrament, he underlined the fact that the visible sign of Christ’s love is his dead and risen Body. The union between man and woman can only be understood as a gift which each of the spouses make to each other, the body of each one being considered in its sexual differentiation: the spouses are male and female. The lecture also emphasized the link that St. John Paul II made between the union of the spouses and the creation of man and woman in the image of God.
To conclude, Bishop Laffitte focused on the nuptial and sacrificial dimension of the gift of the Eucharist, which Christ the Bridegroom, gives to the Church, His bride. In reference to mankind’s condition as wounded by original sin, Bishop Laffite stressed that the reciprocal gift of the spouses needs a continuous purification. For this reason, he stated, St. John Paul II illustrated that the ethos of gift became, thanks to the sacrifice of Our Lord, an ethos of redemption. In the light of St. John Paul II’s teaching, Bishop Laffitte could conclude his talk by affirming that the whole issue concerning the indissolubility of Christian marriage can be formulated on the basis of what it is called to express: a love for ever, the gift of Christ to anybody. This is unique, as is the gift that a man or a woman makes of himself or herself in sacramental marriage.”

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Pray for Us.

Too many Catholics have become socialists, a system condemned by many popes.

It is the duty of each one of us to help the poor, even to opening our doors to them.

Remember the Corporal Works of Mercy today.
  • To feed the hungry;
  • To give drink to the thirsty;
  • To clothe the naked;
  • To harbour the harbourless;
  • To visit the sick;
  • To ransom the captive;
  • To bury the dead.

Good Article

Kalb does not go far enough into natural law. He fudges a bit on natural moral law.

But, a good starting place for discussion.

Persecution Watch

Fascinating-from Bloomberg

I act and fit into the WWII category more than the BBs.

Revisionist History in Order to "Reconquer"

Very, very, very interesting article on science, religion etc.

A Bit Surprised....

the post on the Pope is not as popular as I thought it would be. Do people have questions? Do you need more analysis?


If you want to know about financial flash points, watch this. I knew the bit about the INF.

This video is from the book The Death of Money. I am not pushing the dvds and book, but the other information is essential. What you do with your money is your business. I am not convinced anything can be done. Some of my very wealthy friends feel they cannot do anything and that most investors have not a clue. I agree totally that the dollar is purposefully being undermined. As to the Euro, the man is spot on. The Euro is a political plan, not a financial plan.

This man thinks the Euro will stay against the dollar. Interesting, to say the least.

Comments welcomed after some watch this. The best line in the whole video. Do not listen to what billionaires say, watch what they do. Buffet is buying up hard assets and dumping money. Of course...And the bit on paper gold is good.

Target Groups....Remember This

This past summer, I was re-learning how to shoot. I miss shooting. My teacher said I was doing fairly well for not having a gun in my hand for decades. My dad taught us to shoot, We belonged to a gun club.

One learns how to read a target, how to stand or lie down. One learns the feel of the gun. One learns to look carefully, be steady, be responsible.

I am quoting an old article on purpose. What is happening in the States is beginning to happen elsewhere. Target groups....some ethnic groups have been targeted for centuries-the Jews, the gypsies, the disabled, even Catholics...Here is a snippet from an article I found by accident. 

Catholics, you will be a target group soon. 

If you think I’m being dramatic, I urge you to remember the name Ezekial Emanuel. He’s the chief architect of Obamacare. He’s also the author of the Complete Lives system. That system is his blueprint for how health care dollars should be allocated to benefit the most productive in a society. He says his program will serve the “greatest good.” Emanuel believes that too much money is spent on the elderly. He also believes that children born with serious disabilities and illnesses siphon off more than their share of collective dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. In short, the Complete Lives system would focus health care expenditures to aid the most productive in society (roughly those between 18 and 50) at the expense of the elderly and the infirm.
When it comes to sick kids and grandparents, sometimes difficult decisions must be made. I think those decisions should be made by families. Obamacare will leave the decision to a panel of bureaucrats.

This was said almost a year ago. Already targets groups are being hit in the USA. Do not kid yourselves on these points. A good doctor told his best friend that he will refuse to ask the new questions required by doctors-like, do you have guns in your home.

If you have been reading my blog, you know about the fema camps, the homeless already rounded up in SC and the denial of the feeding of the homeless in Florida.

You have been warned. More from the talk...a bit late but we are seeing some of this now. 

As a concept, social justice means that we have an obligation to those less fortunate than us. On the surface, there’s nothing especially new about that. Christians and Jews believe something similar. We know that the poor will always be with us, and it is always our duty to reach out and be charitable.
I urge you not to fall for this. Christianity calls individuals to be generous to the less fortunate.
Christianity is concerned with each individual soul. Though social justice cloaks itself in similar language, it asserts that some debt exists between one citizen and another. This is an enormous difference. 

An Old Tale from Thomas Aquinas' Life

An old man told me an old tale recently I had not heard before. We were discussing the leadership crisis and vocation crisis in the Church. The story made not be recalled exactly, but the pont is made. The old man noted that Thomas Aquinas had, at one time, been approached for his advice concerning leadership qualities.

The Master of the Order had died and the friars came to St. Thomas asking him to help them recommend a man for the role.

He asked of whom they were thinking.

"Friar Humbert is very holy, " noted one of the friars.
"Then," said Thomas, "you will all become saints."

"Friar Jordan is very compassionate, " said another. "Then, you will all learn compassion," noted Thomas.

"Friar Johnannes is very wise, " added a third friar. "Then, you will all learn wisdom, " replied Thomas.

"But," said a fourth friar, "Friar Alberto is very prudent." "Ah," said St. Thomas, "you will be ruled well, because  recta ratio agibilium, prudence is right reason applied to practice."

This is what we need in Rome, the virtue of prudence.

This is what we need in our cardinals, bishops, and priests. 


Too many of the clergy do not know what right reason is and do not apply it pastorally.

Pray for them all to have the gift of prudence released in their lives. We all have it from Confirmation.