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Thursday 25 December 2014

Disappointment at Mass

Four years ago, when I first began to attend the NO in Latin at the Co-Cathedral in Valletta, most of the Mass, barring the readings and the sermon, was in Latin.

Not so today. Most of it was in Maltese. In other words, it was a Maltese Mass with Kyrie, Gloria, Creed and Angus Dei in Latin only. The entire said Mass, including the usual responses and the Our Father were all in Maltese. The Eucharistic prayer and the words of institution were in Maltese.

This was not an NO in Latin.

This is a change from what use to happen at St. John's.

This has been the only venue for the NO Latin Mass, and there is no TLM at all on the island, and to have no NO in Latin on Christmas was very disappointing to me.

I do not understand why the popes have not intervened on this fact.

I would not want to live here permanently without a TLM, or at least, a NO in Latin, which this was not today.

I shall not even bother to return to the Co-Cathedral again under these circumstances.

So sad for Malta....

The Image of the Father, Part Four on the Trinity

Today's Gospel, from St. John's first chapter, tells us an important point of doctrine. Here is the one line I would like to highlight.

18 No man hath seen God at any time: the only begotten Son who is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

This doctrine needs to be reiterated from the pulpit in these times when there is so much confusion concerning the Trinity. This reference indicates that no man has ever seen the Father, even in these times, that is the New Testament times in which we live.

Christ has seen the Father and reveals the Father to us. Christ is the only Person of the Blessed Trinity Who is Incarnated, Who can be seen as a Man, as He is Man.

Many artists, including the great Michelangelo, have depicted the Father, either as an old man, as a creator, or in symbols, such as one member of the Trinity.

In the Church today, some people are confused about the Person of the God the Father.

When the Trinity appeared to Abraham, the Three Persons were seen as angels, that is as spirits, not as men.

And, when God passed by Moses on Sinai, and Moses only saw His Back, we do not know if that was not Christ, rather than God the Father. To see God as a Human, with human characteristics, that is a body, indicates that this revelation could have been one of Christ, Who although became Man at one moment of time and chose to be bound by time, could have revealed Himself. Christ, after His Resurrection was seen by many people, of course. To speak of the Face of God and the Back of God are human terms, not spiritual ones. The spiritual meaning of these is doubtful. We do not know what these mean.

God can imprint an image on our imagination to help us understand Him, but this image is not necessarily Him. Only Christ is the Image of the Father,

The vision of Ezechiel of God seems to be more accurate, as it is mysterious.

Even the Navajos have a myth of a non-Native appearing to their ancestors over a thousand years ago, as shown in an ancient cave painting. This revelation was of Christ, not the Father.

God the Father is a Spirit, not a material being. Christ is both. The Holy Spirit is, obviously, a Spirit.

All three Persons in the Trinity are one but unique. We cannot imagine the Father without the revelation of the Son.

Happy Christmas from Malta

and a popular secular song from this small well.

Much love to all my friends and readers, many of whom qualify for both categories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!