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Saturday 16 November 2013

Prayers for Our Brothers and Sisters

Prayers, please, for a reader who needs to talk to Catholic lawyers today regarding being asked to take part in an intrinsic evil at his job.

Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are facing serious issues of conscience at work.

Teachers, businessmen and women, lawyers and others will be affected not only by bad health plans here and in Europe, but other issues, such as supporting ssm, and many others as well will have to decide whether they will live as real Catholics, or compromise.

We have a cloud of witnesses to help us in our decisions. Those who follow Christ and His Church will be saved. Those who compromise may not be...

Special prayers today, please.

Going back to the modesty issue

One would think that a trad blogger would only have to write about modesty in the summer.

But, the Chicago experience is pushing me into writing again about modesty. The trend in womens clothes in the Midwest is similar to those trends in Europe.

I cannot understand adult Catholic women wearing tight jeans and high, sexy leather boots to Mass on Sunday or even during the week.

Middle-aged women should know better and give good examples of dress to the younger women.

Tight jeans are not modest, period, and high, tight leather boots have been since the 1960s, a sexual statement.

The other problems are tights without tops, which are also popular in Ireland, even at Mass. Tight tops, which show midriffs even in the winter are also immodest.

But, men can be immodest as well, and tight, very tight trousers are also not modest.

Please realize that modesty is a minor virtue connected to humility. As one modest, good woman told me a few days ago, part of modesty is not to attract attention to one's self.

That seeking of attraction is connected to the sins of pride and vainglory.

One can find really nice modest clothing at second-hand stores. Going to GoodWill makes one realize that the ladies of twenty years dressed smartly and modestly.

Pray for insights into these problems. Catholic women should be a light to the world, not a distraction or cause of sin.

Why the immediacy?

The younger generation has more members who get what is happening than their parents.

This is obvious to me this weekend. Many seminarians understand the perilous times in which they live and for which they are preparing. But, so many of their parents, and so many of that generation are still blind-sided by the mythology which surrounds being American.

Why many people cannot see the dying of the Republic is strange to me. Why many people cannot see the real erosion of freedoms is beyond me. Do the Gen-Xers honestly believe there will be some sort of Revolution, as in the foundations of this country? Over and over, I am hearing from those in their fifties, sixties and seventies, that tyranny will never happen here. It already is. Who is stopping the advancement of the gay-agenda in schools, the loss of business owners to determine whether to hire lgtbs or not? Who is going to stop the idiocy of same-sex bathrooms, where young girls will be harassed  in places which should be safe? Who is stopping the marginalization of Catholics from discussions in the public sphere?

Who is stopping the core curriculum, which is brainwashing? Who is preparing their children to think like Catholics even under stress?

Who is learning to be peaceful in the face of great hatred of Christ, the Church, and one's own integrity?

That the twenty-somethings see the rot creeping into all levels of society is a blessing.  But, what is wrong with the older ones, who deny the realities of persecution?

This past week, I learned that a Mennomite couple  in Iowa are being sued for not allowing a ssm reception to happen in one of their properties. They have a counter-suit in progress.

Wake up, Americans.