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Sunday 22 February 2015


I met with the first person who is interested in the House of Adoration. We had a two hour talk about God and such. But, she needs to pray as to whether God is calling her to a convent, which is hard, as she is older. I told her to decide on that first before any other option.

Pray for her.

God has put contemplation and Adoration on her heart, which is excellent.

Pray for me as well. Thanks.

In case you missed this....

Ash Wednesday Mass In Finland-Thanks to A Reader

Very beautiful...the choir is superb. This gives glory to God. Sadly, the wearing of leggings to Mass, very immodest, is in Finland as well as in parts of America and Ireland. I wear leggings under a skirt, not just alone....sigh.

Most Europeans Know This....

One study of 172 al Qaeda terrorists conducted by former CIA case officer Marc Sagemann found that “just under half were professionals; two-thirds were either middle or upper class and had gone to college; indeed, several had doctorates.”
In the case of ISIS terrorists, if its estimated 31,500 members weren’t well off to start, they certainly could be now if ISIS were to divvy up its massive $2 billion and growing wealth–a sum that makes it the world’s richest terrorist group. That works out to $63,492 per ISIS terrorist–an amount well above U.S. median income. As even the U.S. Treasury Department notes, ISIS makes about $1 million a day off just its black market oil sales.
Other ways ISIS makes massive money? “They rob banks. They lay waste to thousands of years of civilization in Iraq and Syria by looting and selling antiquities,” said David Cohen, the Treasury Department official in charge of undermining ISIS finances. “They steal livestock and crops from farmers. And despicably, they sell abducted girls and women as sex slaves.”




These stories are on twitter as well.

If you do not know this website, look at it.  and from this site

2015.02.21SyriaQardaha40At least four others are killed by a suicide bomber at a hospital.
2015.02.20Libyaal-Qubah4780Fifty people are blown to bits by three Islamic State suicide car bombs.
2015.02.20SomaliaMogadishu2540A Shahid suicide bomber exterminates twenty-five 'apostates' at a luxury hotel.
2015.02.19NigeriaChibok300At least thirty are left dead when Boko Haram gunmen open up randomly on villagers.
2015.02.19NigerTourba Guida33Three people are murdered by a Boko Haram attack on a village.
2015.02.18PakistanIslamabad46A Jundullah suicide bomber detonates outside a Shiite mosque, killing four innocents.
2015.02.18IraqSamarrah616Six Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.02.18IraqMosul10An elderly man is tied up and stoned to death after being accused of adultery.
2015.02.17TunisiaKasserine40al-Qaeda militants open fire on a police checkpoint, killing four officers.
2015.02.17AfghanistanKabul40A bomb blast takes out all four members of a family.
2015.02.17NigeriaYamarkumi3620Children are heavily represented in the three dozen innocents blown to bits by suicide bombers.
2015.02.17NigeriaPotiskum411A Shahid suicide bomber blows himself up in a restaurant, killing the manager, a waiter and two customers.
2015.02.17AfghanistanLogar228Two dozen local recruits are massacred by a suicide bomber at a dining hall.
2015.02.17PakistanLahore823At least eight people are killed when a suicide bomber detonates outside a hotel.
2015.02.17IraqMosul40Four people are put to death for 'witchcraft'.
2015.02.17NigeriaTamsu-Shehuri120A dozen people are gunned down by Sharia advocates.
2015.02.17IraqCamp Speicher418A Shahid suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2015.02.17IraqMashad150Fifteen civilians are executed by the Islamic State, three of whom are burned alive.
2015.02.17IraqQaim80Eight citizens are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.16IraqMansouriya13An electrical worker is dismantled by a roadside bomb.
2015.02.16IraqSaladin120A dozen Kurds are ambushed and killed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.16AfghanistanKandahar130Thirteen local cops lose their lives to an ambush by armed Taliban fundamentalists.
2015.02.16CameroonWaza410Islamists slay four local soldiers.
2015.02.16SyriaAleppo920Four children are among nine killed when Sunnis fire into a Shia-held neighborhood.
2015.02.16SomaliaMogadishu40Four airport workers are machine-gunned at point-blank range by al-Shabaab.
2015.02.15PakistanRawalpindi11A Sunni activist is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2015.02.15IraqUdhaim150Fifteen defenders are killed during an ISIS attack on a dam.
2015.02.15EgyptBenha13A policeman is picked off in a Muslim drive-by.
2015.02.15DenmarkCopenhagen12A 37-year-old Jewish man guarding a synagogue is gunned down by a Muslim radical.
2015.02.15EgyptSheikh Zuweyid02Islamic militants stage two suicide car bombings on a police station.
2015.02.15IraqHawija150Fifteen Kurds are captured and executed by ISIS.
2015.02.15Iraqal-Baghdadi30Three policemen are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.15NigeriaDamaturu1630A teenaged girl blows herself up at a crowded bus station, taking at least sixteen bystanders with her.
2015.02.14USADetroit, MI02Two men are stabbed by a Muslim who first verified that they were unbelievers.
2015.02.14PakistanShalman11The driver for a polio vaccination team is murdered by fundamentalist gunmen.
2015.02.14Syriaal-Bab30The caliphate publicly executes two men and crucifies another to a cheering crowd.
2015.02.14MaliMopti23Two local soldiers are left dead after a surprise attack by a suspected al-Qaeda linked group.
2015.02.14IraqNineveh20Two physicians are executed by Islamic radicals.
2015.02.14IraqSadr City90A Shiite militia ambushes and brutally executes a Sunni leader, his son and seven others.
2015.02.14PakistanOrangi10A 32-year-old Shiite is gunned down by Sunni radicals outside his photo shop.
2015.02.14PakistanShar Sadardin10A young woman is shot to death by her conservative brother on suspicion of sexual activity.
2015.02.14DenmarkCopenhagen13A gunman praises Allah and fires into a cafe hosting a free speech event organized by a cartoonist critical of Islam, killing one participant.
2015.02.14LibyaSirte210Twenty-one Christians are abducted by Islamists, forced to their knees and then beheaded.
2015.02.14TanzaniaTanga15A police officer is murdered by members of an al-Shabaab offshoot.
2015.02.13EgyptCairo18A policeman is killed in a roadside bombing by Islamic extremists.
2015.02.13ChadNgouboua100Islamists row across a lake and murder ten villagers in a surprise attack.
2015.02.13IraqQaim90Nine civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.13PakistanPeshawar2265At least twenty worshippers are massacred by Jundallah gunmen with suicide vests at a Shiite mosque.
2015.02.13IraqSamarrah60Two children and a woman are among a family of six disassembled by a Mujahid bomb.
2015.02.13IraqRutba10A boy is executed for criticizing the Islamic State on Facebook.
2015.02.13Egyptal-Minya10A Coptic youth is reportedly burned alive by Muslim miscreants.
2015.02.13IraqQadisiya70An ISIS crew executes seven policemen.
2015.02.12NigeriaBiu1120A female suicide bomber slaughters eleven people at a packed market.
2015.02.12YemenBaihan80Eight defenders are killed during an al-Qaeda attack which began with a suicide bombing.
2015.02.12PakistanMaldilan22A bomb shaped like a toy kills two children, ages 6 and 13.
2015.02.12NigeriaMbuta90Nine villagers are massacred by Boko Haram.
2015.02.12IraqSalamiya300Thirty people are rounded up and executed for refusing to fight for the Islamic State.
2015.02.12YemenLahij10A pilot is shot to death by al-Qaeda.
2015.02.12NigeriaAkida120Twelve villagers are massacred by Boko Haram.
2015.02.11IraqMosul10A female politician is publicly executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.11LibyaBenghazi400Forty severed heads are discovered at a training camp for Islamists.
2015.02.11SyriaRaqqa10An ISIS prisoner is executed with a shotgun blast to the head.
2015.02.11IraqBaghdad925Two Jihadi bombings leave nine dead.
2015.02.11IraqTikrit1237Three ISIS suicide bombers kill a dozen Iraqis.
2015.02.11IraqBaghdad1025Ten civilians lose their lives when terrorists send mortar shells into two Shiite neighborhoods.
2015.02.10AfghanistanKunduz13Five suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
2015.02.10IraqTarmia310Ten Shiites are laid out by a Sunni bomb.
2015.02.10SomaliaGuri-El1230A dozen people lose their lives when Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a attack a government building.
2015.02.10IraqBaghdad418Two Mujahid bomb blasts produce a four dead Iraqis.
2015.02.10AfghanistanJalalabad23A massive suicide attack leaves two dead, including a female politician.
2015.02.10IraqMadain27Two civilians are taken out by an IED.
2015.02.10EgyptArish100Ten people are beheaded on video by Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.
2015.02.10CameroonKoza78Boko Haram hijacks a bus with passengers, kills seven and kidnaps eight young girls.
2015.02.10IraqSamarrah629A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out six other people.
2015.02.10NigeriaLogo2220Fulani terrorists massacre over twenty villagers.
2015.02.09IraqHusseiniyah48A Jihadi bomb blast rips through a commercial area, claiming four souls.
2015.02.09PakistanKarachi10A Shia museum official is taken down in a Sunni drive-by.
2015.02.09IraqSaniya136Over a dozen people at a popular gathering place are torn to pieces by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.02.09SomaliaMogadishu30A member of parliament is assassinated by a group fighting for Islamic law. Two bodyguards are also killed.
2015.02.09IraqKadhimiyah1842A Sunni suicide bomber takes out eighteen innocents near a Shia shrine.
2015.02.09PakistanHayatabad10Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen murder a Shiite doctor.
2015.02.09IraqMosul50Five Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.09IraqMosul015Fifteen women are reportedly arrested and disfigured with acid by the caliphate for not wearing the niqab.
2015.02.08NigerDiffa515A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a pepper market, killing five patrons.
2015.02.08SyriaAldbsa10An elderly man is publicly beheaded for 'witchcraft'.
2015.02.08AfghanistanNangarhar21Militants enter a rival mosque and gun down two people.
2015.02.08SomaliaPuntland25Islamic activists roll up to a police checkpoint and throw in a grenade, killing two officers.
2015.02.08PakistanNari Baba35Lashkar-e-Islam kill ten members of a peace committee with an IED in a house.
2015.02.07IraqBaghdad513Five Iraqis are disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a commercial district.
2015.02.07IraqBaghdad2245A brutal suicide bombing at a packed restaurant snuffs out the lives of twenty-two innocents.
2015.02.07IraqJalawla10A Kurd is tortured and killed on video by Shiite militia.
2015.02.07IraqBaghdad1126Two bombs at a market produce eleven bodies.
2015.02.07PakistanParachinar10A Shiite is shot to death by Sunni radicals.
2015.02.06NigerBossa413At least four others are killed during a massive cross-border Boko Haram assault.
2015.02.06IraqBardiyan230Twenty-three Yazidi victims of Islamic State execution are found in another mass grave.
2015.02.06LibyaBenghazi220A suicide bomber kills a man and child.
2015.02.06IraqTikrit74A suicide car bomber murders seven Iraqis.
2015.02.06IraqZumar160Women and children are among sixteen Yazidi victims of an ISIS execution.
2015.02.06AfghanistanGhanikhil20Two policemen are shot to death by Sunni hardliners.
2015.02.06AfghanistanWashir23Two civilians are pulled into pieces by a Taliban bomb.
2015.02.06AfghanistanKandahar13Two suicide bombings claim the life of one other person.
2015.02.06IraqRamadi69Six Iraqis are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.02.06SyriaRaqqa10A 26-year-old female American aid worker is reported dead by the Islamic State after being held for a year and a half.
2015.02.06IraqBaghdad35A bomb blast at a market leaves three dead.
2015.02.05AfghanistanHerat20Suspected Taliban gunmen pull up on a motorcycle and murder two traffic cops.
2015.02.05EgyptCairo11One person is killed when Islamic extremists firebomb and fire into a KFC restaurant.
2015.02.05SyriaDamascus1050The Army of Islam sends rockets into mainly Christian neighborhoods, killing ten residents.
2015.02.05IraqShirqat20A married couple is dragged into the public square and shot to death by pro-Sharia militants.
2015.02.05IraqMosul20A father and son are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.02.05IraqTikrit1122Eleven Iraqis are killed during a violent ISIS attack.
2015.02.04CameroonFotokol110500Boko Haram overrun a small town and massacre over one-hundred innocents.
2015.02.04AfghanistanGanjgal20A 23-year-old woman is among two people shot to death by a Sharia court.
2015.02.04IraqMosul10A priest is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.02.04YemenBayda53A suicide car bomber takes out five security personnel.
2015.02.04DRCBeni210Seven women are among twenty-one villagers hacked to death by ADF-NALU.
2015.02.04IraqMahmoudiyyah36A woman is among three civilians who bleed to death following a Mujahid bombing near a bus.
2015.02.04PakistanQuetta10A guard for a polio team is shot dead by fundamentalist.
2015.02.04IraqMosul20Two imams are executed by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.02.04IraqMosul40Four people are beheaded by ISIS for condemning the burning of a pilot on Facebook.
2015.02.03SyriaRaqqa10The caliphate releases a video showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage.
2015.02.03FranceNice03Three French soldiers standing guard at a Jewish center are stabbed by a radical Muslim.
2015.02.03EgyptAlexandria12A civilian is killed - and a child injured - by an Islamist bomb at a checkpoint.
2015.02.03LibyaSidra513Five others are killed during an assault by Fajr Libya.
2015.02.03PakistanOrmagi40Four people are disintegrated by a Tehreek-e-Taliban IED.
2015.02.03LibyaMabrook130Islamists storm an oilfield and slit the throats of thirteen employees.
2015.02.03ThailandYala10A 35-year-old man is murdered in his home by Muslim gunmen.
2015.02.03IraqBaghdad825Eight people are blown to bits in three separate Mujahid bomb blasts.
2015.02.03SomaliaMogadishu13A civilian is taken out by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2015.02.03SomaliaBaidoa10A cleric is assassinated near his mosque by radicals.
2015.02.03IraqBaghdad515Jihadis set off a series of bombs at a popular square, killing five bystanders.
2015.02.02SyriaRaqqa10Another gay man is thrown from a building by Sharia activists.
2015.02.02NigeriaGombe58Two suicide bombers kill five people at a market.
2015.02.02IraqFallujah20Two Shiites are beheaded by Sunnis.
2015.02.02LibyaTripoli12One person is taken out by suspected Fajr Libya bombers.
2015.02.02IraqTikrit728Seven Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.02.02PakistanNari Baba32Religious radicals blow up three locals.
2015.02.01PakistanKarachi41Four Sunnis are gunned down in two sectarian attacks.
2015.02.01IraqMosul20Two Iraqi captives are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.02.01NigeriaMaiduguri1237A dozen people lose their lives when Boko Haram gunmen attack a small city.
2015.02.01NigeriaGombe37A bomb at a market leaves three dead.
2015.02.01NigeriaPotsikum924A suicide bomber murders nine innocents at a political gathering.
2015.02.01PakistanJhang20Two sisters are honor killed by their family for refusing to marry men picked out for them.
2015.02.01AfghanistanChasht43Fundamentalists pour automatic-weapons fire into a police post, killing four officers.
2015.02.01SyriaDamascus620Terrorists blow up a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims, killing six.
2015.02.01SyriaAleppo216Army of Islam members target a neighborhood with rockets, killing two residents.
2015.02.01IraqKaraghol25Jihadis blow up two civilians.
2015.02.01EgyptRafah34Two women and a child are crushed to death by two rocket attacks on their homes.
2015.02.01NigeriaDalwa225Nearly two dozen others lose their lives during a Boko Haram attack.
2015.02.01IraqSinuni250Twenty-five Yazidi victims of an ISIS execution are discovered, including women and children.
2015.02.01IraqSensil110The remains of eleven ISIS execution victims are found in a mass grave.
2015.01.31Egyptal-Arish10A 50-year-old Copt is shot to death in his home simply because of his religion.
2015.01.31AfghanistanNuristan40Four border guards are taken out by Taliban bombers.
2015.01.31AfghanistanHerat22A man and his son are reduced to parts by a bomb planted by religious hardliners
2015.01.31SyriaRaqqa10A Japanese journalist who converted to Christianity is beheaded by caliphate members in the name of Allah.
2015.01.31PakistanKarachi10A 70-year-old Shiite is murdered by Sipah e-Sahaba.
2015.01.31IraqHarbaya60Six members of a family are exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.01.31IraqBaghdad310Three civilians are killed when ISIS fire mortars into their neighborhood.
2015.01.31IraqBaghdad310Mujahid bombers lay out three people near an auto repair shop.
2015.01.31IraqMadain411Four people at a sheep market are sectionalized by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2015.01.30IraqKirkuk670ISIS fighters fire rockets into a town, killing at least six.
2015.01.30EgyptSheikh Zuweid20Two children die from gunshot injuries suffered during an attack by Islamic fundamentalists.
2015.01.30PakistanShikarpur61100A Jundullah member sets off explosives inside a crowded Shia mosque, killing over sixty members including children.
2015.01.30SyriaTal Abyad10A gay man is thrown from a roof and then beaten to death when he survives.
2015.01.30AfghanistanDara-e-Suf07Sunnis bomb a rival mosque during Friday prayers.
2015.01.30ThailandPattani13A Buddhist police officer is ambushed and killed by Muslim gunmen.
2015.01.30PakistanOrangi10A man dies from head injuries suffered during a fundamentalist attack on a polio team.
2015.01.30CameroonFotokol312Three defenders are killed during a cross-border raid by Boko Haram.
2015.01.30IraqBaghdad2730Over two dozen people are killed in back to back Jihad bombings.
2015.01.30IraqJalawla70At least seven Kurds are killed by a suicide bomber.
2015.01.30IraqSamarrah1429Fourteen Iraqis lose their lives to two Fedayeen suicide blasts.
2015.01.30IraqNukhaib60A half-dozen people are incinerated when a suicide truck bomber rams a reception hall.
2015.01.30NigeriaNwonko270Women and children comprise the bulk of twenty-seven villagers massacred by Fulani terrorists.
2015.01.30Iraqal-Dour370Forty-four people are abducted from their homes by the Islamic State - which subsequently executed thirty-seven.
2015.01.30Egyptal-Arish10A 50-year-old road worker is shot in the head by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis.
2015.01.29AfghanistanMesri Kala40Three civilians are among four killed by a Taliban landmine.
2015.01.29AfghanistanJalalabad12A child is sectionalized by a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2015.01.29EgyptSheikh Zuweid30Three people are kidnapped and beheaded by Ansar Beit Al Maqdis.
2015.01.29AfghanistanKabul31Three US contractors are shot in the back by a terrorist in uniform.
2015.01.29Egyptal-Arish2658Over two dozen civilians and soldiers are killed when Ansar Beit al-Maqdis attack a hotel and barracks with rockets.
2015.01.29IrelandNorth Belfast10An immigrant from Somalia stabs a man to death on the street while yelling a 'Jihadi war cry'.
2015.01.29EgyptRafah16Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis open fire on a police checkpoint, killing one member.
2015.01.29IraqMahmoudiya210A Jihadi bomb at a commercial center claims the lives of two bystanders.
2015.01.29YemenMarib22Two local soldiers are murdered by al-Qaeda.
2015.01.29IraqMishahada728A double suicide bombing produces seven dead Iraqis including first responders.
2015.01.29IraqTarmiya311Three people in a farming community are laid out by a Mujahideen blast.
2015.01.29AfghanistanMehtarlam1639Sixteen mourners at a funeral are shredded by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.01.29IraqLatifiyah12A woman bleeds to death following a Mujahid bomb blast.
2015.01.29IraqYoussifiyah412Terrorists bomb an outdoor market, killing four patrons.
2015.01.28PakistanSargodha40A man shoots his sister and three children to death over suspicion of unIslamic morals.
2015.01.28AfghanistanHerat12A woman is taken out by a Taliban bomb.
2015.01.28YemenRadda75Seven Shiites are laid out during an al-Qaeda attack on a house.
2015.01.28LebanonShebaa Farms27Two Israeli soldiers are killed by Hezbollah terrorists.
2015.01.28MaliTabankort90At least nine are killed by two suicide bombers.
2015.01.28SomaliaKismayu130At least thirteen others lose their lives to an al-Shabaab attack.
2015.01.28AfghanistanGhanzi116Eleven Afghans are shot to death by Sunni hardliners.
2015.01.28NigeriaAdamawa100Ten more victims are reported 'slaughtered like rams' from a seven town murderous rampage by Boko Haram.
2015.01.27IraqSaladin100Ten Kurds are lined up and shot in the head by devout Sunnis chanting praises to Allah.
2015.01.27IraqMosul100Ten more physicians are reported executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.27IraqMaria60Six civilians are executed for arguing with caliphate members.
2015.01.27IraqTikrit64A half dozen Iraqis are blown to bits by Mujahideen bombers.
2015.01.27IndiaTral11Hizb-ul-Mujahideen gunmen open fire on a security patrol, killing one member.
2015.01.27LibyaTripoli102Five foreign guests and five guards are killed when Islamists storm a hotel after setting off a bomb.
2015.01.27AfghanistanKot20Two brothers are shot to death by suspected Taliban.
2015.01.27EgyptAlexandria12Fundamentalists set off a car bomb that leaves one dead.
2015.01.26YemenAbyan50Five local soldiers are ambushed and killed by al-Qaeda.
2015.01.26AfghanistanKabul10A former court official is assassinated by suspected Taliban.
2015.01.26PakistanKarachi10Fundamentalist gunmen pick off a guard for a polio team.
2015.01.26IraqBarwanah720Shiite militias pull seventy-two Sunnis from their homes and execute them.
2015.01.26Syriaal-Shadadi10A young man is beheaded to shouts of 'Allah Akbar.'
2015.01.26NigeriaMichika306Thirty people are reported killed when Boko Haram attack two villages.
2015.01.26IraqAbu Ghraib68Children are among six civilians disassembled by a Mujahideen blast targeting an humanitarian aid agency.
2015.01.25SyriaDamascus743At least seven are killed when Jaysh al-Islam send dozens of rockets into a neighborhood.
2015.01.25IraqBaghdad711A bomb placed outside a restaurant nets seven dead bodies.
2015.01.25IraqMosul70Seven women are executed for refusing 'temporary marriage' with caliphate members.
2015.01.25IraqMosul10A captive is beheaded on video by ISIS.
2015.01.25SyriaAleppo311Sunni terrorists kill three civilians with a rocket attack on their neighborhood.
2015.01.25IraqBaghdad48Four patrons are killed when Jihadis bomb a cafe.
2015.01.25IraqTikrit40Four Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.25IraqArab Jabour32Three defense volunteers are pulled into pieces by an ISIS bomb.
2015.01.25PhilippinesBarangay Tukanalipao4911Moro Islamists open fire on police, killing nearly fifty.
2015.01.25PakistanKarachi10A Shiite dies from injuries suffered during a targeted attack by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
2015.01.24IraqBaghdad38A bomb blast at a cafe leaves three dead.
2015.01.24IraqBaghdad38Terrorists kill three civilians with a car bomb.
2015.01.24Iraqal-Amin37Sunnis take out three Shiites with a bomb planted near a produce stand.
2015.01.24PakistanKorangi20Two Shiite shopkeepers are murdered by Sunni radicals.
2015.01.24IraqZafaraniyah413Jihadis bomb a Shiite restaurant, killing four patrons.
2015.01.23SyriaDamascus16A civilian bleeds out following an al-Nusra mortar attack on a neighborhood.
2015.01.23IraqBaghdad211A blast targeting soccer fans takes out two.
2015.01.23IraqMosul40Four university professors are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.23LebanonRas Baalbak37Islamists stage a cross-border attack on Lebanese troops, killing three.
2015.01.23PhilippinesZamboanga254An Abu Sayyaf car bombing outside a bar leaves two dead and four dozen injured.
2015.01.23IraqBasra50Five imams are assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.01.23IraqMuqdadiyah70Two journalists are among seven people reportedly killed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.23NigeriaKambari150Fifteen villagers are slaughtered by Boko Haram.
2015.01.23LibyaTripoli10Islamists gun down a guard outside a UN office.
2015.01.23IraqSinjar500Fifty people are summarily executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.23NigeriaBantaje10Muslim extremists butcher a pastor and father of two.
2015.01.23SyriaRaqqa10A Japanese hostage is beheaded by the Islamic State.

So, you think the Ku Klux Klan
and the Spanish Inquisition are bad?
So do we, but...
Put the Numbers in Perspective

More people are killed by Islamists eachyear than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

Islamic terrorists murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 70 years(

More civilians were killed by Muslim hijackers in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

Islamic extremists massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 than the number of American criminals executed in the last 40 years. (sourcesource)

Muslim fundamentalists kill more people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials.

Sunni supremacists slaughtered more Yazidi minorities on August 14, 2014 than the number of black Americans lynched by White supremacists in the previous 100 year