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Monday 17 February 2014

Wait and See

Logic and Ethics

If you are a high school or college grad and never had to take Logic or Ethics, it is your duty as an adult to do so.

One cannot be a saint unless one can think objectively.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Thoughts After Some Conversations with Converts

Among young Catholics of a certain age and among some slightly older converts, there is a huge confusion as to objective and subjective truth. For some reason, mainly the pushing of relativism in the educational systems for over 40 years, most younger Catholics cannot think rationally or logically (not quite the same think) concerning the Teachings of the Catholic Church.

I have written on this before on this blog-follow the tags on thinking like Catholics, etc.

But, the problem does not merely make discussions or teaching difficult for the orthodox, catechist, but makes conversion difficult, as many people want to come into the Church for emotional reasons.

That there is a huge confusion on the application of doctrine to individual moral cases seems so widespread that one can hardly imagine such a large group of Catholics who have never be taught to think like Catholics.

Protestant thinking invaded the Church over 40 years ago with the weakening of the teaching of catechism and the introduction of charismatic renewal, with the emphasis on emotional religious experience.

But, lately, I am concerned at the number of young converts who are not being challenged in RCIA or in personal catechesis to think rationally.

The problem becomes compounded by the acceptance of so-called emotional conversion experiences which take the place of a slower, methodical  approach.

Some dioceses in the States are moving to a two-year RCIA format. To me, this is excellent, as one cannot cover the doctrines of the Church with people who are coming out of absolutely no Christian background or who have been brainwashed by relativism in less than a year, and two years would be better.

If a convert has been reading the Doctors of the Church, or the Early Church Fathers a la Newman, the conversion classes could be shortened. Good priests who do the teaching one on one can make such decisions on an individual basis.

The worst catechized are the college and university students who have converted in that setting and have been accepted after cursory courses.

How can we change the entire thinking structure of a person to think like a Catholic?

I am convinced we need to go back to St. Thomas Aquinas, to the Socratic Method of question and answer and demand a real digestion of the CCC. Also, as I taught Mystagoia in the past, the Church should require that extra year, and not make it optional.

The Church is weakened by those who convert and do not understand the basics. I am talking almost daily with converts who have never heard basic teachings on sacramental theology, the meaning and definition of grace, or the ideas of salvation in and through the Catholic Church only.

There are few who understand the huge difference between objective criteria and subjectivity.

Can we pull back on the numbers games and slowly bring in people who will not be confused, or who fall away once they come to understand what should have been introduced along the way in RCIA or private catechesis?

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... knew Catholic doctrine and we today don't. Besides, in times of crisis and distress, when we are not thinking clearly, it is precisely the things we have memorized that come most readily to our aid when we need them. ...The suggestions you make are wonderful, and I have spent a great deal of time with websites like Catholic Icing, Catholicmoms, and A Shower of Roses to get inspiration and mentoring on this journey. It is of great comfort to me to hear of someone ...

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16 Jan 2012
I also think there has to be good reason for not having children. The grand example are two of my favorite Catholics, Jacques and Raissa Maritain, who on the Isle of Wight, as Benedictine Oblates, took a vow of celibacy "for ...
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18 May 2013
The Renaissance and the Reformation have shaped the modern western individual, who is not weighed down by external burdens like merely extrinsic authority and tradition; people feel the need to “belong” to institutions less and less (and yet .... The purpose of this contribution is to help Catholics find a key to understanding the basic principles behind New Age thinking, so that they can then make a Christian evaluation of the elements of New Age they encounter.

19 Apr 2012
Many great writers already quoted on this blog, including Garrigou-Lagrange, believe this is not a call only for those special mystics who are obviously given such graces, but for all Catholics. .... I think perhaps the relationship of those who live by the private revelations, those people I have met in abundance in both the Midwest of America and in Ireland and England, indicated that they do fall into a community of people who live ...... Wear Your Tribulation Like A Rose.
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02 Feb 2013
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04 Dec 2012
I am truly concerned about the present youth who cannot and will not think objectively. If you have ... Now, we shall see the triumph of the Prince of Darkness, unless Catholics begin to think like Catholics-objectively.

16 Nov 2013
He said that right now in these difficult times, many Catholics were not paying attention to building the Kingdom of God, but asleep, busy about other, less important things. Like the unjust judge, they were ignoring not only the ...
04 Jun 2013
I have written about this many times, but one more time will not fact, this post is another contradiction of more magical thinking ... Labels: catholic teaching, magical thinking, private revelations, thinking like Catholics ...
02 Dec 2012
Most people I know could not function like that, traditional Catholics or otherwise. 3 December 2012 04:40 · Supertradmum said... Matthew, one of your comments accidentally got deleted. Please re-post. Thanks. I think it was ...
08 Sep 2013
One would think that it, and its author, never existed. Fortunately, it was written in a manner which is ideal for spoken-word production. It is clear, forthright, concise, descriptive, it is like a mountain stream in a desert, with a reputation of miraculously curing spiritual blindness. Rev. Hugh Thwaites ... Hugh Thwaites SJ, Humani Generis by Pope Pius XII: This encyclical concerns false opinions which threaten to sap the foundations of Catholic Teaching. It corrects the false ...

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Subjectivity, relativism, Satanism and anarchy

Last year, a baby Jesus was vandalized in Pennsylvania. The statue was made to look like Satan and had satanic symbols on the back of it. The anarchist symbol is clearly visible on the front. What strikes me about this 
situation is the complete logic of the connections between the hatred of religion, Satanism and anarchy.

I am truly, truly concerned about the Millennials. I am truly, truly concerned that if the youth of the West do 
not rise up and take the lead in converting others, we shall not only lose our culture and more so, our civilization, 
but lose the opportunity to catechize the entire world.

The horror of subjective thinking has created an entire generation of relativists who span the earth.

This is one reason why Islam is attractive. Relativism is a philosophical position based on materialistic views of life, history, philosophy. So is Islam.

But, I digress. Relativism and subjectivity has ruined the youths' ability to believe in critical thinking.

Many of these youth no longer believe in reason. They do not believe in free will, the soul, or reason. This is a 
serious development, planned by the social engineers from the 19th century who do not want a thinking public.

They have now got it. It some countries, this lack of the belief in man's ability to reason is completely gone, 
except for a few.

So many young people will go to hell because they do not believe in reason and free will.

Are you surprised at this statement?

On my blog and especially in the perfection series, I have said over and over that in order to become a saint, 
one must become objective. This is essential. If one cannot stand back and see one's own sin and the state 
of one's own soul, a person lacks the humility and impetus to come to God.

All the saints, as I have said many times, were objective. Subjectivity is the mind of evil-why?

Non servium. The real relativist cannot serve any laws, rules, or hierarchy outside of himself. The logical 
consequence of subjectivism is anarchy, but sadly, the real relativist cannot reason about consequences.

I am very concerned, not for myself, but for all of those whose subjectivity will lead them to moral anarchy.

One cannot argue with most relativists as they cannot think. They deny reason. They deny rational discourse.

Pray for these youth when you meet them. Their souls, which, with free will and reason, were made in the 
image and likeness of God.  They refuse that image and likeness. They are culpable in that they choose lifestyles which follow their subjectivity.

God never gives up on any of us. He pursues us until the last moments of our lives. He is Faithful. But, we have 
free will.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Where are the young apologists?

Giovanni Battista Crespi The Blessed Virgin Guiding St. Dominic to Victory over the Albigensians
It may be too late, but we need a generation of apologists who are trained in debate and know the Catholic Faith inside and out. What I have seen in discussions concerning the events of the past few days indicates a woeful ignorance on the part of most Catholics regarding history, politics, civics, and debate.

What happened in the school systems of America and England was the destruction of rational discourse.

Very few young people know how to debate. They cannot think rationally and objectively. They do not have the knowledge they need to argue points of religion or politics.

We may have lost the battle already, or maybe not.

War is the result of a breakdown of communications and aggression. So there is an oppressor and a defender, offence and defence.

Why cannot some people understand that Catholics can take the offence in arguing and win? We have the best teaching in the world and God for the Founder of our religion.

Ours is not a man-made but a revealed religion and we are given grace to understand and appropriate our Faith.

What has happened is that relativism and subjectivism have destroyed people's ability to think.

One must learn how to think. Those who know how to think must teach others.

I taught logic for more years than I can remember. I taught debate. It must be learned.

Very few of my university and college students knew how to think before my classes.

They learned.

If Catholics cannot enter into debate and argument, we cannot evangelize.

Souls are being lost because some of us are lazy and many are ignorant of the Faith, even priests.

This must change.

We Catholics have 4,000 years of salvation history at our finger tips, as explained by the Catholic Church.
We have encyclicals, catechisms, sermons, the writings of saints, and more. We have the teaching of Christ, Who is God, Himself.

We can only win. We cannot lose the argument. But, if we are ignorant or lazy, we give the argument away.

And, we are not arguing or debating trivia. We are engaged in warfare for the souls of men and women. We are fighting for civilization.

If we lose, it is our own fault. We need prayer but we need intelligence and training as well.

Americanist Heresy Coming to A Head

In 2007, I did a rather in-depth study of the heresy of Americanism, including a look at the bishops who were the leaders of this heresy.

Such men as Cardinal Gibbons and Archbishop John Ireland of Minneapolis were at the fore-front of the ideas that American Catholics did not have to be obedient to Rome, because the Vatican was "too far away" from the American experience, and that some of the modernist heresies could be incorporated into the Church.

Even though Gibbons denied involvement in the heresy, he was involved, as were many of the Irish bishops in the East. The problem also included the pushing of the separation of Church and State, never an idea supported by Rome.

Pope Leo XIII wrote two documents, and called some of the leaders to Rome for "visits". 

His documents can be found on line. Longinqua oceani and the encyclical Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae both warned and chastised the leaders who were creating what we now see-the informed dissenting Church of America.

The entire fallacy of putting the American Dream before living as a "sign of contradiction" in the world has come to a head now in the States. Catholics here are decrying the disobedience of the German bishops. However, there are many bishops in the States who are in disobedience, not standing up against contraception, allowing homosexuals into seminaries, distributing Communion to politicians obviously supporting abortion, and actively supporting the party of death-the Democrats.

The heresy of Americanism is alive and well and festering, ready for an outbreak of schism.

Our Lady of Meritxell, Pray for Us

This is the statue of Our Lady of Meritxell from Andorra. Pray to her today for all those who are suffering from family problems, estrangements, and grief.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria

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