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Monday 1 July 2013

Another Quick Note for Some Perplexed Dear Readers

Blog writing is technical writing. It is fast and contemporary. One can be busy and do technical writing. In fact, busyness aids technical writing. One does not need to be silent for technical writing. To be sure, technical writing destroys silence.

Creative writing, as in poetry and plays, or even extended essays, comes from a different source of energy. This type of writing wells up from intense prayer and silence. Without silence, one cannot enter into the interior world which holds the well-springs of poetry and prayer.

My ending the blog may in fact end up being a change in the blog. I have been encouraged to put poetry, plays. and short stories on this blog. I may do this. However, this would not be often. The drama of Walsingham was mostly written in the monastery, as was the long poem of the white roses. The call to silence is a call to cooperate with grace within, but if poetry or plays result, I may put those on the blog, as I have done here. There are other poems on this blog as well. I have hundreds of poems and dozens of short stories, plus several dramas. But, prayer comes first.

In former days, when my days were nestled in silence, I wrote much more poetry.

But, the poetry is merely a by-product of the interior life, the pursuit of the life of holiness which takes a tremendous amount of focus and energy.

God has been calling me for years to contemplative prayer and writing. The blog was also a call, but the call has changed.

If poetry springs out of the soul of prayer and silence, and if it is appropriate, I shall, perhaps, share writings on this blog.

God bless you all again.