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Sunday 20 July 2014

Where I Am Hiding Out for Awhile

Very near here.....and my cell does not work!

Because of the craziness

...of moving about so much in the last eight months, I have not re-posted Doctors of the Church posts on certain feast days. All are labelled and tagged. But, St. Laurence will be re-posted tomorrow.

Blogging A Bit Later on Monday

Ciao, ciao

Hello to Readers in Sweden

Touring Churches in New York State 2

Top two are from Visitation Parish in Norfolk; bottom is 
St. Mary's in Potsdam. 

Touring Churches in New York State

The Latin Mass at St. Mary's, Potsdam is at 11:30 a.m. every Sunday. The Church is lovely.

Nice people. Good priest, whose Latin is excellent.

Interesting Decision in the EU Court

Humans Acting Like Animals

Looting, which is stealing, and a mortal sin if the items are large and not small, indicates a society which has descended to the depths of what it means to be human-subhuman, in fact. Consumerism, greed, and the denial of the eternal soul leads to this disdain and disrespect for the dead. This denial of eternal life causes a person not even to respect one's self.

To steal is a horrible crime, but to steal from the dead and their grieving families is despicable.

No Christians in Mosul for First Time in Christian History

Man, busy day

Ukrania, Mosul and Syria Tweets-Sorry for Overlapping