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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Yet another blog on doors to the demonic

The great Blessed Columba Marmion wrote that when the Three Kings came to Christ, the idolatry of demons ended, as the beginning of the Reign of Christ showed the world who was really God. Marmion noted that the paganism of the old world, which in most cases was demonic, came to a end. But, in recent times, people have chosen to revisit the demonic on purpose. They have chosen the old demon-idols of the past, an action, a choice, which is spiritual death, as getting into the occult is a serious mortal sin.

The ignorance of the past is gone.

Sadly, in Great Britain, I have never heard the types of talks or read books by British Catholic exorcists, which help the average lay person with discernment. These comments come out of a conversation with a dear British friend of mine who wanted more clarification on his kids' games.

Thankfully, most exorcists I have had the privilege to speak with or, at least, read their books are in agreement about certain doors to the demonic. Some of these doors are being discussed at meetings and training centers for exorcists.

Thankfully, again, these doors do not have to be open.

Here are a list of the main doors which many youth and older people open and then become either obsessed, oppressed, or even possessed by demonic activity.

The first one is obvious-the Ouija board. This is a direct door to the occult. So is Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft. Demons are chained to particular elements and symbols and when the door is open, they enter into a person or situation.

If a person has a proclivity to lust, the game may weakened the will, and even cause further oppression from a spirit of lust, but the direct door is different.

Such things as suicidal and death desires can come into a person by playing these games, as well as a blunting of discernment. Other demonic influences can result as well.

Some types of demonic activity is locked into families and these locks must be broken.

Creators of certain games which are direct doors either wanted to spread the occult or were just plain malicious, or wanted to become very wealthy.

Listen to the fssp priests on this. I have listened to several talks now, although I knew D and D was bad even as a board game way back in 1983. And, I knew WoW was also a door when I first came across it in 2007.

Not all computer games are doors to the demonic world, but some are. Most are addictive, however, which is another problem. Some cause violent feelings and weaken boundaries, but that is another problem

If your children are engaged in the above mentioned, please use your authority as a parent to deal with these.