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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Remnant Thinking

Years ago, I told some seminarians that they were looking to politics to do what only religion could do--save souls.

To be saying this while teaching in a seminary was a wake-up call to me that too many Catholics still run to politicians and the government for what should be learned in the heart, the mind and the soul.

I am sad to say that the political posts of mine are read more, 3-1 than the spiritual ones.

Politics in or out of the Church are not the main purpose of this blog.

This is a traditional Catholic blog written and maintained for the teaching of doctrine, the unpacking of difficult ideas and authors which and who are Catholic, and for the applictation of Catholicity to current events.

The most important posts have been on the lives of the saints, the key doctrines of the Church, and the way to perfection.

Meditations on Scripture come next.

All the links to Catholic news or political news may be found by readers themselves.

The series on the retreat last week, with information not usually found on the Net, not result in high numbers of readers.

Perhaps, the day of the trad blog is over. It seems that people want what can be found on many other sites. Few sites offer real Catholic teaching. Of course, Michael Voris' paid series are superb. This blog has been free, but I do not have to pay a staff.

One young person told me yesterday that her generation no longer listens to old priests and that such articles as the one from SPUC yesterday no longer matter, as the Millennials know where to go for the good stuff. Anyone over 70 is suspected of heresy and, therefore, disregarded. These kids know how to turn off nonsense.

The younger ones go to primary sources, Augustine, Ambrose, Aquinas, and look for commentary on the greats. They seek out holy people.

Catholic gossip simply does not interest them, as they see the world as mostly corrupt and do not expect anything else. They have grown up without being "shocked".

They have accepted living in a global pagan culture and have decided to do the best they can in their worlds to bring people to the Truth.

In other words, they are already thinking like the remnant.

What is remnant thinking?

What did the recusants of England think of when they were scattered over a hostile environment of persecution?

I have thought of this today, as I believe the Millennials have come to two realizations many older Catholics have not yet realized, which is shaping the way they approach religion.

First is the fact that that the vast majority of people will not listen to God at this time, and that the global culture is, indeed, reverting quickly to the worst excesses of the pagan past.  Many older Catholics still do not accept this. Millennials see things more in black and white than their parents or grandparents, and this is good. They also choose black or white. Choose.

They tolerate the pagans in order to live peacefully to a certain extent, but do not trust them. This is a remnant attitude. One has to have psychological boundaries to be a member of the remnant. Remnant members are "wise as serpents, guileless as doves".

Second is the fact that religion must be personal in order for any culture to change No longer do the young ones rely on community, but on their own small groups of friends. They do not relate to the larger communities as they can see the rot clearly. They do not look to the parish for friendship, as they have to know whom they can trust. They know most Catholics in the pew are not truly practicing and are compromising. They watched this happen.

Remnant mentality, indeed.

Under this attitude lies another one which is the clear knowledge that they can only do so much to pass on the Faith to the next generation and that by strenghtening Catholics and those who want the Truth.

Remnant mentality sees the potential for conversion, but also realizes that the Faith must be preserved intact. These young ones have no time for heresies and simply, are not interested in the same dicsussions older Catholics may be entering into with vigor. They know the enemy.

Remnant mentality is realistic and tough. Remnant mentality starts with the striving for person holiness.

To be a saint is the foremost goal.

Truly, only saints can convert others through the activity of the Holy Spirit.

I think us older ones can learn a lot from those who already are living in the remnant mentality.

This is a sign of the times, and a good sign that God is preparing His Church for persecution.

One Millennial told me that he is prepared, when ordained soon, to be a hiding priest, or martyred.

He expects it.

This is remnant mentality.

The remnant clergy will not be "careerists" nor will they have a middle-class lifestyle.

They know this.

In only diocese with which I am familiar, there are now 80 priests for 120,000 Catholics. Less are coming up the pipeline--many less. Now, that makes one priest for 1,500 Catholics, and the ratio will be much worse in five-ten years.

These men do not have time for Catholic "issues". only constant pastoral work with some time for study of the basics and the tried and true authors. They have to choose their battles.

They must pray, and they do. They desire Christ, and go to Adoration. They have only known three popes, two who are saints, one already canonized.

They know who they can trust and who they cannot.

They are less emotional and not inclined to "religious experience".

Remnant thinking.