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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Materialism, Socialism and Civil Unions

Yet, again, I am surprised at the number of Catholic adults who not only are socialists, but have never bothered to study the teachings of the Catholic Church on this cleverly deceitful ideology. I have written many times on this blog of the evils of socialism and have several encyclicals linked at the side for further study. What is also not understood is that socialism, as well as communism, in our cultures and societies, have degraded the parental roles and the nature of marriage. In fact, I shall make the case here that the push for homosexual and lesbian civil marriages is not only part of the lgtb agenda, as stated in After the Ball, but part of the socialist agenda. And, why?

In the ideology of socialism, there can be no private property. All things, including people, belong to the State. The State becomes the Perfect Parent, knowing how to raise one's child better than one's self. The State dictates that home schooling must be bad, as the State has no power over what is being taught. Sweden and Germany have outlawed home schooling, and POTUS, as I have shown below in another post, wants to do the same. It is not only a power game, but who has control of the children has control over the future.

Socialism denies that there are any differences in people, as all are equal in the eyes of the State with regard to private property and supposedly talent. To bend the perceptions of people to make them deny that we are not all talented in the same manner, or that there are not differences in aspirations among people, is again, to make the State decide who does what when, how, where. The great social engineers of education, Bismarck in Germany and Dewey in America, planned an education system which would create non-thinking but obedient citizens, who would believe propaganda and deny free will. This has happened in America and most parts of Europe, creating a non-thinking populace, who are so used to the media controlling their minds, and the lack of logical discourse, that one is hard put to find a thirty-something who has actually learned how to think. Socialism demands conformity. The socialist redefines the nature of the individual, denying person-hood, as it the case of abortion or euthanasia, and redefines also the role of the individual in society. There are no differences in people.

The irony of socialism is that it also destroys the State. The State is not only subjected to the undermining of those States which are Catholic, but the very nature of a State, as a free organization of individuals contributing to the common good. The State becomes the end of all energy and organization, thus becoming the end of all individual accomplishments, including finances. To some Catholics who do not understand that it is the individual who should benefit from the State, this sounds like heresy. The State becomes something other than the servant to and for the people. It becomes god.

But, of course, the greatest evil of socialism is that it is based on the philosophy of materialism. There is no eternal life, no spiritual life, no Church, no Revelation, no Sacraments, etc. The materialistic philosophy pushes the idea of utilitarianism and production. Nothing, therefore, is important but things, which are temporary and ephemeral. In addition, authority does not belong to God, but to the State, or rather, those who control the State. So, what has all this to do with civil unions?

The push for civil unions not only undermines the sacrament of Marriage and the status of the natural family, but the State. Why? Socialism takes away the natural definitions of the individual, so that a person is merely there for the State. Civil marriage obviously takes away authority from the Church, but ultimately, it takes away authority from the State and undermines the entire concept of authority. By definition, sexual unions outside of the traditional heterosexual ones, are materialistic and ultimately, anarchic.  In a socialist system, the materialistic philosophy means there is no afterlife, no sin, no judgement. The entire idea of civil unions is based on the here and now, that there is no sin, no judgement, only the now, only the present pleasure. One needs a basis of morality in order to make spiritual decisions. Socialism denies this. There are no authorities which can dictate moral frameworks--the churches cannot impose religious views on society, as it is materialistic and never points to the Eternal. which does not exist. The gay lifestyle, which seems so capitalistic and free actually feeds into the denial of the individual as a person with a soul and a spiritual goal. All that is important is the same type of hedonism which pushes utilitarianism and the obsession with production. If I had to categorize this tendency as sin, I would call it the ultimate Idolatry of the Material.

Civil unions do not point to salvation. Gay marriage does not entail spiritual love. Civil unions by definition are materialistic. Such a false definition of marriage fits into the socialist agenda. All that does not serve God, all that does not admit of the spiritual life will bring spiritual death.

May I add that the misuse of language in socialist propaganda is similar if not the same in that of the lgtb factions. Words, such as freedom, liberty, brotherhood, justice, equality, and solidarity are the language of propaganda, the original meanings distorted for the use of an ideology. Socialism has murdered the English language, just as Nazism distorted the German language for at least three generations. The lgtb factions do the same thing, changing the definitions of words, like those listed above, to mean something else than the traditional meanings, based on a shared cultural and moral framework. Even claims to "love" and "caring" as words which mean something in a heteosexual relationship, have been used in a twisted and unnatural manner. That ideologies have much in common is obvious, but that the socialist agenda of disturbing the natural concept of the family, the State and marriage makes it a real partner with the gay marriage proponents.