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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Political Pro-Life Activity in Iowa

So many political events are occurring it is hard to keep up with the reading, but as an Iowan, this article in The Christian Post caught my eye. Iowa GOP Demand End to Medicaid Abortion Coverage for Rape and Incest Victims reveals that:

A group of GOP representatives in Iowa has filed a petition seeking to end Medicaid-paid abortions for victims of rape and incest, while Democrats claim that a ban would not only re-victimize affected women but also threaten the state's entire Medicaid budget.The government program overseen by the Iowa Department of Human Services currently also covers abortions for fetuses that are physically or mentally deformed, which the Republican lawmakers are seeking to put an end to as well, the Des Moines Register reported."The 41 representatives who signed on to the petition want the law followed," Rep. Dawn Pettengill of Mount Auburn said in an email to the Register. "As far as I know, 41 lawmakers have never had to petition an agency to follow the law." Pettengill initiated the request for a ban.The lawmaker added that current government funding for abortions is "in conflict with the express language and intent of the laws enacted by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor."

Now, this is a welcome movement away from the liberalism which has shaken the state for over forty years. The movement back to GOP and pro-life roots shows that the incremental work of both Catholics and Evangelicals in the state is bearing fruit.

I encourage my fellow Iowans not to let up on the political activism regarding pro-life issues. In the neighboring states of Nebraska and Missouri, great success followed political involvement by all the pro-life groups. 

Some people look for immediate results, but the process of change can be slow. This petition and action on the part of so many lawmakers proves that change can occur.

God protect this work and may the Catholics and Evangelicals work together for the common goal of protecting life.