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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Perfection Series continued-the predominant fault--four

St. Augustine tells us, using Garrigou-Lagrange, that God never asks us to do the impossible. If God desires us to be one with Him and He does, we will have the means to overcome all of our sins. First of all, we must ask for grace and as Catholics, that means taking part in the Sacramental Life of the Church-monthly if not weekly Confession; frequent, if not daily Communion; living out the life of the virtues.

We cannot give up the fight. If we do,we shall lose eternal life with God.

Garrigou-Lagrange states. "We must not make peace with our faults." Do not tolerate evil in yourself and in others. Parents, mold and guide your children to holiness. Do not give in to the lies of the world.

We are all called to the fight. We are all called to be saints. It is hard. So what? Heaven and the Face of Jesus will be our reward.