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Monday, 6 August 2012

Coming Soon: The Remedy in 40 Virtues....

One more note on the last post. Did you notice Garrigou-Lagrange's stress on 40 virtues? To be continued...
But, I want to mention more capital sins which are so common as not to be thought of as sins.

This is the sin of gluttony. It is not only over-eating, the great sin of the West, but taking too much pleasure in eating.  Gluttony also includes over-consumption, buying too many things, needing to have it all.



Take note, Americans and other Westerners. Garrigou-Lagrange states that these sins are not connected. That we can indulge in one and not another. But I do think that lust can be connected to gluttony. Over-indulgence and the preoccupation with sensual pleasure are elements of both sins.

Envy and love the dogs


Pornography and addictions are part of these sins. Again, I use Bosch to illustrate the capital sins. Do I need to define Greed? It is utter selfishness regarding money.  Envy and greed sometimes go together. The next post will be on the virtues...I remind us all that the way to hell is wide, and the way to heaven narrow.

Contrary to some famous theologians, including one very popular one, there is a hell and there are people in it. Pray, repent, think, act.