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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas to the Heroes

I want to say Merry Christmas to all the heroes:

for the grandparents, who have passed down the Faith in the families;

for the grandparents who pray hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament for their families;

for the dads who sacrifice hours to be with the kids;

for the dads who sacrifice plum careers to put family first;

for the moms who do millions of unsung things for the family;

for the moms who stay at home and choose a lower standard of living to home school the kids;

for the kids who obey and honour their parents;

for the kids who love their siblings more than themselves;

for the single parents, who, through no fault of their own, must be both dad and mom;

for the priests, who work so hard in the holidays, taking on extra confession times and Masses;

for the priests who do not see their families until after Christmas and who sometimes have no place to go;

for the singles, who are good, practicing  even holy Catholics, who are lonely, looking for good Catholic mates, that St. Joseph will hear their prayers today;

for pro-life workers and counsellors, for your love and care and prayers and hours of vigils outside;

for the seminarians, who are entering, studying, knowing they are in the age of the martyrs;

for our military, from America and England on the front lines;

for those who are chronically ill and never complain;

for the prophets, who are not appreciated, and sometimes maligned for speaking the Truth;

for my fellow Catholics across the world suffering for their faith.

For you, and all I have forgotten, a happy day.