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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lessons from a Siamese Cat

I am living in the house belonging to a dark, beautiful Siamese cat.

I am learning some lessons from her.

Here these are:

She only eats when she is hungry and moderately so. Temperance.

She cleans herself regularly and well. Prudence

She sleeps, but in a watchful manner just in case of emergencies. Watchfulness

She purrs when she is content and wants to show her affection. Gratitude

She plays, but not too much, and waits on play. Patience

She is beautiful because she is herself and no fuss about it. Integrity

She is not jealous or put out by not getting attention. Humility

She sometimes allows me to sleep in her room. Charity

She glorifies God in her creatureliness. Goodness