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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Missing the Snowdrops

In England, the snowdrops have been out for several weeks. I am missing them again this year. To miss the snowdrops is a sad thing for me.

I was born in January and in England, the snowdrop is the flower of a January baby.

Many. many years ago, more than twenty to be exact, I visited Kingston Lacy Gardens with a friend and my little son.

As this visit was in the summer, I missed the snowdrops.

I hope I get to see them at least once at Kingston Lacy. Buckfast Abbey Gardens and Grounds, especially the walk by the River Dart, is a great place for snowdrops.

A humble, small, yet brilliant flower....a little homage to it here.

Are there any readers who can tell me if the snowdrops are still blooming somewhere in the south of England?