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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Last Acceptable Prejudice

Can you can imagine substituting the word Islam for 

Catholic in this article?

Government urged to ensure Royal children are not 

raised as Catholics

Former adviser to the Queen calls for reassurance from the Vatican that British Royal heirs can be raised Anglican ahead of reforms to the anti-Catholic Act of Settlement
A former adviser to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has urged the British Government to ensure children of the Royal family can never be raised Catholic.
Lord Luce , the former Lord Chamberlain of the Queen’s Household, was speaking in a House of Lords debate last week about proposed changes to the anti-Catholic Act of Settlement.
Under the Government’s plans, a first-born daughter of the Duke of Cambridge would become Queen, even if she had a younger brother, while Catholics would no longer be prevented from marrying heirs to the throne.
However, Lord Luce urged ministers to hold talks with the Vatican to ensure Catholics were still prohibited from ascending to the throne.
“For children to retain their place in the line of succession, they must be brought up within the Anglican Faith,” he told the Lords. “I ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they would consider exploring with the Roman Catholic Church, but perhaps particularly with the Archbishop of Westminster, whether it will clarify further its attitude.”