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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Catch-up List on the Doctors of the Church Series

So far, I have dipped into the writings of these great men women, Doctors of the Church, in the series.

Hildegard of Binen
Therese of Lisieux
Teresa of Avila
Catherine of Siena
Augustine of Hippo
Albert the Great
Ephraim the Syrian
Gregory the Great
John of Avila
Lawrence of Brindisi
Anthony of Padua
Bernard of Clairvaux
Thomas Aquinas
Basil the Great
Francis de Sales
Bede the Venerable
John of Damascus
Peter Damian
Hilary of Poitiers
Leo the Great
Anselm of Canterbury

Next, will be Gregory Nazianzus, and, then, the great Athanasius. Stayed tuned.