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Thursday, 14 March 2013

From Father Finigan--Update and Accuracy

Thursday, 14 March 2013

An apology to Rorate Caeli and a correction on TLM provision in Buenos Aires from Fr. Finigan's Blog
My post on the Old Rite Mass in Argentina was in response to several comments I read in various places stating that there is no provision for theusus antiquior in Argentina. I did not intend to make any criticism of theRorate Caeli blog (which did not make that assertion) and I apologise if that impression was given. I am also happy to link to NC's post How Summorum Pontificum was blocked and trampled on in Buenos Aires: facts, not fantasy and disinformation.

So although Cardinal Bergoglio did initially arrange for a Mass according to the norms of Summorum Pontificum, it was such that the readings were from the modern lectionary in the vernacular - so far in accord with SP - but also with lay readers which is not provided for in SP. Attendance at the Mass dwindled and it was discontinued.

Just to be clear also, the Masses which are on the google map that I linked to are all outside the diocese of Buenos Aires which is just the area in white onthis map.

I write this post in the interest of accuracy. As is probably fairly obvious, I am trying to post as many positive things about Pope Francis as I can. However that is a useless exercise if the truth is not adhered to carefully. The purpose of this post is not to fan the flames of criticism of our new Holy Father but to be as accurate as possible. Let us pray the God will guard and guide the Holy Father in all his responsibilities, including his governance of the Sacred Liturgy.

from Supertradmum....the truth will always set one free.
I have tried to do my research on this. And, I am convinced that Rorate is correct here.

This is worth reading and thanks to Prof Basto for heads-up as I was off-line for some time today....

i published the link to the Rorate article and to Prof. Basto's comment.

I am sorry to disappoint people by bringing this up, but this is a real concern, not to be overlooked. I suggest you read and pray.

A summary of this article on Rorate from Prof. Basto:

Rorate Caeli, .....has this information in a brand new article called “How Summorum Pontificum was blocked and trampled on in Buenos Aires: facts, not fantasy and disinformation”:

According to them:

(1) although Argentina has the largest traditionalist community in South America, no TLM was permitted by Card. Bergoglio in the Archiocese of Buenos Aires under the Apostolic Letter Ecclesia Dei;

(2) when Summorum Pontificum was issued, then Card. Bergoglio arranged for a TLM in 48 hours but this was a mutilated TLM as Card Bergoglio ordered the readings to be done using the Novus Ordo Calendar and Lectionary, so the readings were not of the Mass, and not of the 1962 Missal;

(3) instead of their being TLMs in the parishes, Card. Bergoglio actively suppressed priests who tried to implement Summorum Pontificum, and ordered them to stop the Masses. Instead, as if the Ecclesia Dei regime was still in force, Cardinal Bergoglio appointed a TLM chaplain, unfriendly to Tradtion, that celebrated the mutilated TLM with Novus Ordo readings ONCE A MONTH in a crypt;

(4) Cardinal Bergoglio, it is important to remember, wasn’t the Archbishop of all of Argentina, only of the City of Buenos Aires. The City of Buenos Aires, Federal Capital, is not to be confused with the Province of Buenos Aires (just like, say, one cannot confuse Washington State with Washington, DC). Buenos Aires Province surrounds Buenos Aires City, but the City is not a part of the Province (so Buenos Aires Province is like Maryland, whereas Buenos Aires City is like Washington DC). The Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, over which Card. Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, presided, included only the territory of the Federal Capital, Buenos Aires City. And then again, there was the jurisdiciton of the Military Ordinary, etc. While there are now TLMs under Summorum Pontificum in Buenos Aires Province, there is no TLM in Buenos Aires City under the jurisdiction of the Buenos Aires Archdiocese. So Card. Bergoglio’s Archdiocese soon became again a Summorum Pontificum free zone.

(5) Why? Because on the first TLM there were more than 100 people in attendance, but the TLM being only once a month, only in the crypt of one single Church in the whole City, and, especially, because it was not a true TLM, but a mutilated mixture of TLM and Novus Ordo with Novus Ordo calendar and readings, the numbers fell, and, when only a handful of people remained, the Archdiocese cancelled the TLMs. And by prohibiting individual initiatives by priests who wanted to pray the TLM in their churches, Cardinal Bergoglio effectively killed the application of Summorum Pontificum in the area under his jurisdicion."