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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

On Conversions or Not

I re-converted to the Catholic Church at the age of 22 because a nun told me my soul was dead. I would go to hell. I had fallen away for about eighteen month-badly. I would have been damned. Catholics have the Truth at their fingertips. We choose good or evil. For eighteen months or so, I trusted only in myself and Marxist fantasies. My arrogance led others astray. I doubted that Christ was God and acted as if He had no authority in my life.

I converted. I knew the truth of that statement. She was a prophet sent by God to tell me to sin no more and return to Christ and His Church. I did.

If we do not speak the truth to those in serious sin, that sin is on our consciences. If priests act as if a public sinner is not sinning, they are lying to themselves, the sinner, the Church.

We are so afraid of offending people and keeping their friendship, or being nice, that we do not care if they go to hell.

We do not believe people go to hell if we are afraid of the truth.

Yes, people get angry. Yes, people stop talking to you. Yes, people say nasty things behind your back for being honest in love.

I love that nun and honor her, Sister Elizabeth Pickens. She saved my soul through Christ.

God bless her.

God bless you when you speak the truth in love.