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Monday, 11 March 2013

We need more prayer, folks, much more..........

Good morning! According to my sources, tomorrow there will be four main groups at the start. Scola with his friends (mainly not Italian); the Americans, who might vote Dolan as forefront candidate, and ready to change on O'Malley; the Sodano's friends, the "diplomacy" cardinals, who will support Scherer from Sao Paulo at the start; and Bertone's group, who might present Coccopalmerio. These two last groups will be very important, because once the realize they have no chance to push their own candidate, will certainly converge on one of the two main runners.
da marco.tosatti 9.16

And, O'Malley twittered yesterday. How inappropriate and sad.

If Dolan is elected pope, I shall move into a cave for the rest of my life.

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