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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ask yourself these questions, Catholics

If you are involved in ministries or activities in the Church, please ask yourself these questions today.

1) Is the group following the Teaching Magisterium of the Church in all things, great and small? If not, get out.

2) Is there an Bishop appointed chaplain in charge of the spirituality of your group? If not, get out.

3) Is the group more concerned about consolations, spiritual candy, rather than service? If so, get out.

4) Is the group successfully leading people back to the parishes and to themselves? If not, get out.

5) If the group has people claiming healing gifts, are they trained in psychology, psychiatry, or medicine? Are they involved in Eastern healing modes? If not for the former, and if so for the latter, get out.

6) Have they all read the CCC and encyclicals concerning their ministries? If not, get out.

7) Are they following seers and so-called visionaries either condemned or warned about from the CDF or the local bishops? If so, get out.

8) Is the group based on protestant theology rather than Catholic? If so, get out.

9) Is the group anti-intellectual? If so, get out. Our religion is based on Faith, Reason and Revelation.

10) Are the leaders taking money for spiritual direction or so-called healing? If so, get out.

11) If the leaders are living openly in sin, either in irregular marriages or in some other obvious area, get out.

Satan does not care how you get to hell, just that you go there.