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Sunday, 23 June 2013

On the supposed virtue of anti-intellectualism

With the assistance of Reason, the priests are saved and remain strong and uninjured in the battle. Only a few of them feel the lance of Greed and they are only scratched. Most infamous pestilence that Greed is, she is astounded to see her spears turned away so neatly from her enemies' throats.

And, I state that sloppiness is Sloth.

In the past 30 months, I have had the sad experience of meeting some priests who are anti-intellectual and think it a virtue. These priests, and they number four, are into private revelations, either directly or indirectly involved in charismatic renewal and have an attitude of not going by the book in liturgy, all of these things which they consider virtues.

The problem is, obviously, there seminary training. Three were trained in American seminaries and one in an English seminary.

I cannot speak with them on the level of rational discourse. They are, simply, not interested.

Their attitudes will lead people astray and continue this emphasis on experience in the spiritual life as something over and above the hard work of purification and the virtues.

I am concerned and have registered my concern, to no effect and therefore, have backed off. It is interesting that they are now all working in the same diocese.

Reason has been denigrated in some seminaries. Three of these men have not studied Thomas Aquinas or the other heavy weights in philosophy. They have studied Blessed John Paul II, but take ALL his actions and words as infallible. Oh dear....they do not take GIRM seriously and two out of the four "hate" the Latin Mass. They either have said so bluntly, or act accordingly. I do not understand. Thinking is part of the spiritual life and critical thinking is taking ownership of one's own mind and soul. Emphasizing the experience of religion does not bring one to maturity and obedience.

And from

“I do not think there are many among Bishops that will be saved, but many more that perish.”
St. John Chrysostom, Extract from St. John Chrysostom, Homily III on Acts 1:12.

“The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
St. Athanasius, Council of Nicaea, AD 325 attributed.

It is interesting that Prudentius has Reason fighting Greed. And, I am finding that Greed may be the impetus behind the words and actions, some of which are totally irresponsible, of these four priests. They want position, status, although they would deny this, and popularity. All are in ministries where they are nationally known. This is not good. They point to the case I have made that if one is not orthodox and not in purgation, one is not doing God's work.

One told me to my face that he did not believe in obedience and disregarded it as "not his thing". As a priest in an order, this is serious. Indeed, three of the four priests are in orders. Another said he would not speak against contraception.

Like the famous and most likely false prayer of the Jew, "Thank God, I am not a woman," I say, "Thank God  I am not a priest who does not value the rational." I do pray for priests, but I am not going to pretend we are not in a crisis in the Church regarding the priesthood. I also pray for seminarians, that they may get good, solid, orthodox training.

All who are honest and truthful need to pray in truth and not in sentimentality. We must correct and pray for correction, as souls will go to hell because of priests who do not think like Mother Church or Christ.

“Augustine says in his Rule: ‘Show mercy not only to yourselves, but also to him who, being in the higher position among you, is therefore in greater danger.’ But fraternal correction is a work of mercy. Therefore even prelates ought to be corrected.”
St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II, II, q. 33, a. 4, Sed Contra.