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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Readers, more questions....

Are you having family meetings at least once a week in order to build up trust and communication?

Can you organize your neighborhood for an emergency without relying on public services?

Do you understand that money may be useless?

Are you forming yourself and your children with a strong interior life to withstand economic collapse and isolation?

Do you have family drills for emergencies? You should.

Are you discussing safety, defense, flight plans?

Are you discussing alternative places to live?

Parents, are you forming your children to have independent, Catholic minds and be wise in dangerous situations?

Are you teaching the entire family not to gossip or talk about things which happen at home?

Are you combating the general softness of society by training yourself and your children not to fall into the dullness of sensuality and spiritual torpor?

Are you practicing penances and training your children to do likewise?

And, most importantly, are you learning yourselves to listen daily to God's counsel and teaching your children how to do likewise?

Do you know how to listen to God and reflect on what He is telling you?