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Monday, 30 September 2013

Goodbye to Ireland; Praying for The Remnant

After slightly less than three months, I am leaving Ireland for the third time. This visit has been the best of the three. If there is a next time, I would love to visit the Galway area. Ireland changed while I was here, and formally became a pagan country. The sadness of my Irish friends grips my heart. I am leaving disheartened and leaderless pro-life Catholics, who have no bishops to help them out of the evil fog which has enveloped this land.

The faithful go to Mass and pray. They hear cold, hard, but necessary sermons on the coming of more persecution, and the need to talk hold of one's own spiritual life.

I have heard many priests speak of the hard times to come and the necessity for Irish Catholics to become saints, without leadership or even input.

These good priests have shared from the pulpit the signs of the times. Brave and true men...

The first time I flew into Ireland, the plane flew over a clear Atlantic until we came over the island. The clouds were churning black and eerie green, as is an evil miasma was covering this place. It has.

There is a growth of the occult whose members want abortion. There is a growth of cynicism and despair from those who only love money. There is a carelessness and relativism in the young, which leads to a mad pursuit of pleasure.

I am sad to leave the TLM and the beautiful Carmelite churches which I have attended. There are still many excellent priests in Ireland. Pray for them and pray for the remnant.

If I ever return, it will not be to this exact place. But, Ireland is changing so fast, I would not be coming back to the same nation.

St. Patrick and St. Oliver Plunkett, pray for Ireland.