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Monday, 7 October 2013

The Rule of Faith

One of the problems with the post-Vatican II generations is that they never heard of the Rule of Faith. My generation did, in high school and again in college.

Why was this teaching dropped? We know the reasons.

Father Ripperger notes that the Rule of Faith is the norm or standard for our faith. We have this measure always in and through Scripture and Tradition. ..."our intellect must conform to the rule in order for out faith to be true."

And, he states, "We believe rightly, i.e. we are orthodox, when our belief conforms to the rule of faith."

Of course, lex credendi, lex orandi followed the rule of faith. Fr. Ripperger used this translation of the term
"...'the rule of believing determines the rule of praying.'"

That God is Rule is the next point. Ripperger quotes St. Thomas Aquinas on this, and this is merely a snippet of a longer quotation.

"...'the measure and rule theological virtue is God Himself.'"  All virtues, all faith lie in God Himself. His revelation gives us the knowledge of divine truth.

I want to emphasize at this juncture what Fr. Ripperger states about faith, "Each virtue inclines us to act and so the virtue of faith inclines us to the act of assent to that which is believed. Assent is an act of the intellect in which the intellect sees or adheres to some proposition as true."

My blog has been based on the need for believers to use their intellect in the pursuit of theological knowledge and the operation of the virtues.

The present two youngest generations have been raised on the emotional, touchy-feely type of faith, without much more than a nod to reading and studying.

Of course, faith is a virtue given at baptism and needing nurturing as I have written in the homeschooling posts.  The fact of faith being a virtue in also explained on the blog in Thomistic terms.

Faith become a habit, as all virtues are habits. Revelation and Tradition are the deposit of faith to which we must give assent.

Without the use of the intellect, an adult's faith is stilted and warped.

To be continued....