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Friday, 8 November 2013

The Signs of Change

There will be hardly any countries left in the western world by the end of this year which will not allow ssm. These trends have not happened by accident. Those Catholics who do not understand what is happening will be horribly surprised in the very near future.

As one young woman told a friend of mine, she can no longer see herself as a teacher in England, as she would have to teach, or let someone else go into her class and teach that ssm is ok. She cannot abide this and she can nothing about it.

The Marxists, the Gramscians have won the battle in Europe and are winning in America.

Unless Catholics rally against the dictates of the godless, they will find themselves not merely marginalized, but persecuted outright.

How many times can I write this and have people commenting that this is simply not so and that I am a false prophet? I only following what is already happening and highlighting these trends for readers.

Time for another ostrich picture....