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Friday, 27 December 2013

The Church of The Destitute

I get tired of hearing false statements on how the Church will someday be the Triumphant one of the past. No, no, no.

I have referred to this quotation many times in the past six years. This is from the Pope Emeritus 40 years ago and noted in an article from La Stampa which Father Xander Lucie-Smith related again to us today.

The number of people who are ignoring the signs of the times reminds me of those who did not listen to Noah, or Jeremiah, or the long lists of prophets and saints who have told us to prepare.

If we are not allowing God to make us holy and if we are not cooperating with grace and listening to the real prophets, instead of the fake ones, we shall be swept away. I remember discussing this quotation with a friend in 2003. Why do people not heed the call to repentance and change?

From the Pope Emeritus in 1969:

“It will become small and will have to start pretty much all over again. It will no longer have use of the structures it built in its years of prosperity. The reduction in the number of faithful will lead to it losing an important part of its social privileges.” It will start off with small groups and movements and a minority that will make faith central to experience again. “It will be a more spiritual Church, and will not claim a political mandate flirting with the Right one minute and the Left the next. It will be poor and will become the Church of the destitute.”

Oxburgh Hall chapel of St Margaret and Our Lady, Oxborough