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Thursday, 23 January 2014

From the saintly Fr. Hugh Thwaites

Read the entire article noted by PJ on Mark Lambert's blog. I met Fr. Thwaites once, when I traveled from Cromwell Rd out to seek him out as a young woman. I am thrilled to know he did not support Medjugorje.
....a snippet from the ending...
This explains, perhaps, how seemingly impossible it is to talk people out of their going to Medjugorje or some other such unauthorized places of pilgrimage. The Devil knows of our God-given hunger for all that comes from God. He knows that all that is deepest in us longs to see and enjoy Him. So he exploits this hunger with his counterfeits in the hope that we will accept them as the real thing. And we all know how successful he has been,
We must thank God for this hunger for Himself that He has placed in our hearts. But we should be suspicious if anyone offers us shortcuts. The only shortcut to God is the way of the cross. And as for wanting to see things! How very dangerous! We are meant to spend our time here in the darkness of faith. St. Augustine tells us that during this life we are in the womb of the Blessed Mother. Then, when we die, she delivers us into the light of eternity. But, in this life, the dark way of faith is the safe sure way the saints have trod. And we know that, if we stay faithful, God will eventually give us the reward of our faith: the sight of Him in whom we believe.
So the bottom line must be: If we really want an addiction, we should become addicted to God. It is the only addiction we can satisfy all our life, here and in eternity.
As before on this blog, I recommend Michael Davies on line book on Medjugorje. We only have one life to live, let us get it right.
And pray for those priests who push this apparition site. And, for all those lay people who spend thousands of dollar going again and again.