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Monday, 27 January 2014

To Be Lay

I was sent back out into the world last year to be a lay person for sure.

God did not want me in Tyburn, which broke my heart, but it was clear to me, after a second time, and after hearing God loud and clear to go out and pray and write, that I was to be lay.

But, too many Catholics do not embrace the baptismal call of being lay. They either want the clericalism of careerism or they want to be clergy themselves.

Our role is to be leaven in the world. We are to learn, to preach, to teach over coffee, at work, finding people who are open, ready to hear the Gospel.

Be lay, and stop being clerical. But, read my post below on learning to be lay saints.

If we are not evangelizing daily, we are not being Catholics living up to our baptismal promises and duties.

Please pray daily as to how God can use you in your life to save souls.

Save souls.
The age of the lay person should be the time of lay evangelization.

Remember the remnant will be very, very, very small. Very.