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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


One of the comforts of being older is not having to prove one's self to others. One has come to an acceptance of limitations and lives in the knowledge that one is, simply, a sinner.

Age pushes one into the interior life, away from the activities of the exterior life as some things fade away.

However, age brings a huge responsibility. One no longer has the excuses of the younger person of putting off the pursuit of holiness to another day.

There may be no other days but the one today.

Age forces one to face the eternal. All those buffers which separated one from eternal life, or even thinking about eternal life, fade away, pass.

One must live in the present, as living in the past becomes self-indulgent, and living in the future senseless.

I challenge those in older middle-age to consider the last four things and have death constantly before one.

Such is the way of the saints.

Please do not waste old age in trivia or bitterness. The world is bigger than you know.