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Monday, 28 April 2014

To those who pick on the pope....

Imagine you are a blogger in the year 1500. There is a pope on the throne of Peter who has had several children, up to ten, in fact. However, he only acknowledge four, Cesare, Giovanni, Lucrezia and Gioffe. 

Would you be blogging about the other six, Girolama, Isabella, Pier Luigi, Bernardo, Ottaviano and Laura, writing that they has rights to be recognized as well? 

Would you be passing on information as to the supposed mothers of the various children, where these ladies lived, what they wore, and how they came and went from the Vatican apartments?

Would you be writing about Pope AlexanderVI's horrible life involving wine, women and song, and the gossip of his enemies?

Would you remember that he let the Jews kicked out of Portugal and Spain into Rome to live and work there freely?

Would you criticize him for entertaining actors in his private apartments or spending tons of money on art done by Raphael, Bramante, Pinturicchio, and Micelangelo?

Would you overlook his curial reforms and the insistence that cardinals only have one bishopric?

Would you be joining the msm of the day in decrying his attempts to keep power in his family, and fight the other leading families of Rome with intrigue?

Yet, this pope never passed legistlation contrary to the good of the Church and never taught heresy.

Instead of trusting in the Holy Spirit to guide God's Church, would you be writing that Alexander VI was a false pope and that the seat was empty?

The pope I watched say Mass yesterday looked like a man with the burden of a billion souls on his shoulders, and a man in love with the Blessed Mother and Christ in the Eucharist?

Bloggers, trust in God, pray for the Pope, and look towards your own sins, as I do.