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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Judge Yourselves.

I have a friend who is 64 and he still blames his dad for his sad life.

I have a friend who is 36 who is unhappy and still blames his parents for his own sins.

I have a friend who is 50 and she blames her mother for her own faults.

Now, we know they are wrong to do so, as God gives us grace to be healed and not to repeat the sins of parents. All people are given the grace to be saved. All.

Many pagan Gentiles converted to Christ in the early Church and became saints.

They moved on from sin to perfection.

So, why is it that Catholic adults blame over and over and over the priests for their own lack of holiness?

Priests are not to be blamed for the sins of others, or for the lack of vocations.

Laity, look to yourselves first.

When people get together and start complaining about the lack of priests or nuns, one of my priest friends, an excellent priest, now says, "Where are your children? Where are your grandchildren?" And, I have been saying the same. Vocations come out of holy families mostly.