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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sorry got this late, but may not be too late

Floor vote for Heartbeat Bill Now Possible
with a Discharge Petition! 

Heroic Pro-life Leader Representative Ron Hood, with the help of Rep. Matt Lynch, is now circulating a discharge petition to bring the Heartbeat Bill to an immediate floor vote. If we can get 50 state representatives to sign it, the Heartbeat Bill will be brought to an immediate floor vote!   

The Good News is, it's been done before and the Better News: it was Rep. Ron Hood who did it!   Back in 1994, Ron Hood was the only State Rep. who helped circulate the discharge petition that successfully brought the nation's first ban on Partial Birth Abortion to an immediate floor vote and into law.  This was against the wishes of a Republican Speaker (just like now).

PLEASE make your calls before 1:00 today if possible--when the Republican caucus is meeting and leadership in the House (including Speaker Bill Batchelder, who signed the discharge petition 20 years ago for a much less protective bill) is likely to fiercely fight our effort.   

Here is the first round of phone calls that need to be made ASAP with the message:  "Please sign the Discharge Petition to bring the Heartbeat Bill to a floor vote!" Even Speaker Batchelder signed a discharge petition for a much less protective bill in the past!  It's time to "choose life" and do what it takes to protect babies!  That's what we elected you do do!"

  1. Rep. John Adams: 614-466-1507
  2. Rep. Kristina Roegner: 614-466-1177
  3. Rep. Peter Beck 614-644-6027
  4. Rep. John Becker 614-466-8134
  5. Rep. Cliff Rosenberger: 614-466-3506
  6. Rep. Jim Butler: 614-644-6008
  7. Rep. Terry Boose: 614-466-9628
  8. Rep. Ron Young: 614-644-6074
  9. Rep. Terry Johnson: 614-466-2124
  10. Rep. Christina Hagan 614-466-9078
  11. Rep. Kirk Schuring: 614-752-2438
  12. Rep. Matt Huffman 614-466-9624
  13. Rep. Mark Romanchuk 614-466-5802

Once you make your calls, please pray for Reps. Ron Hood and Matt Lynch, who are leading the charge!  Then, forward & post this email asking your friends to call.