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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Caution, Yet Again, Part One

If one suspects demonic influence in one's life, one should not go to these spurious healing Masses where people who are not even necessarily in sanctifying grace, because they are not living orthodox Catholic lives, touch and pray over people.

I have written about this before and need to again.

First of all, years ago, I went to one meeting with a so-called healing team, and some of the women at the table believed in women priests and contraception. I was asked to give a talk by the diocesan exorcist, and only succeeded in making all but three people on the fourteen person team angry. What was my subject? Personal perfection, personal holiness and purgation....few wanted to face their own conversion and unorthodoxy.

Problem one.

Problem two, only those who are free of evil themselves and are fasting, seriously, and trained in the now regular conferences under such priests as Fr. Chad Ripperger, and whose authority comes directly from a bishop should be on teams. In other words, all other teams are not under the authority of the Church. There is no such thing as carte blanche permission for healing teams. Most people have not been trained by exorcists and most meetings are not under authority.

Problem three, if one attempts to deal with demonic influences without a spiritual director who is a priest, who knows what he is doing, one will get beat up, literally and invite more demonic attention

Problem four, one cannot deal with oppression and obsessions, without a trained priest spiritual director and even a trained Catholic, Thomistic counselor. There are too many untrained, unprofessional people who are counseling and praying over people and this is scary. They actually do more harm than good, and if they are charging money for their services of "healing", they are not on the "right side". One should pay, of course, for a professional psychologist or psychiatrist but not some unprofessional self-proclaimed healer. This scenario is a huge scandal in both Ireland and England, where some "counselors" have training in New Age techniques and are not under any authority of the bishop.

Problem five, possessions need a Catholic priest exorcist, period.

Problem six, one can deliver one's self from obsessions and oppressions but ONLY under a spiritual director, possibly a professional counselor as well, and with frequent Mass and weekly Adoration. To pretend one can do what can take years at a one shot healing prayer meeting is beyond words "daft".

Imagine putting the health of your body under those who were quacks. Your soul is much more important. I have written before that the charismatic renewal has done great damage in the Church pushing for home-made, protestant-based methods of healing, deliverance, exorcism.

Do not believe much of what you read on the Net.

We have an expert on this whose talks are regularly available.

If you are experiencing demonic influence, first, phone the diocese and talk to the exorcist. Second, follow his advice, as you most likely do not need exorcism. Three, follow his advice but if he has none, ask if he would mind you joining the Auxilium Christianorum..

You may want to consider getting a spiritual director who is a priest first.

Most people do not need exorcisms.

Lastly, the Catholic Church has always had rules and levels of authority for spiritual warfare. If a person steps out of that authority and those rules, one is open to more demonic influence, not less.