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Monday, 29 September 2014

Follow Up Commentary on Garrigou-Lagrange

St.Catherine with Demons
There is much confusion on demonic possession and obsession, which is why I put the two long excerpts from Garrigou-Lagrange on the blog on Saturday.

One must make distinctions, which, sadly, Catholics who are not working in order with the Church confuse. I have cautioned about so called charismatic deliverance teams before on this blog many times.

Obsession can occur for several reasons: family history of sin; personal sin; or God allowing a holy person to be tested for further growth in holiness. Many saints were subjected to horrible obsessions in order to become perfect.

One can discern the difference easily. But, if one feels "tormented", the beginning of freedom is in the confessional.

Possession is either brought about by years of serious sin, or by the giving of an innocent person over to evil. God allows possession for His great glory, but some people choose it by following witchcraft, satanism, years of drug abuse and so on.

As Fr. Ripperger notes in his talks, the hardest possessions to break are those when a child has been given over for satanic use. Sadly, this is a real thing which happens, as some of you know.

The reason I am posting and discussing this topic is that many Catholics are encountering difficulties in proceeding on the path of perfection. They seem to get so far and then hit blockages which seem out of their control.

All freedom from obsessions begins with repentance of certain sins. Once a person is in sanctifying grace, that person can speak with a priest about the persistence of spiritual and physical obsessions.

Sometimes, all it takes it weekly Adoration and frequent even daily Mass, if possible. Adoration is essential to freedom.

But, one cannot expect to be free of obsessions unless one repents of serious sins.

Of course, real possession, which is rare, but increasing, takes a Catholic priest exorcist to deal with the demonic presence.

I think Garrigou-Lagrange and Fr Ripperger's talks, as well as his book, are the best sources for discerning obsessions or possession.

As Father Ripperger notes several times, the devil is not under every rock, just every other rock.

to be continued...