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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

For Synod Members

I wish a few of those clerics at the Synod would re-read The Book of Tobit. (Tobias) as one of the main themes in this book is the sacredness of marriage.

The entire point of young Tobit having to overcome the demon Asmodeus, also known as Abaddon, the Destroyer, who is also the demon mentioned in Revelation and one of the demons worshiped by the Masons at high levels, as the demon of death, is that marriage is for growing holy and becoming holy together.

See the connections? A demon which is the destroyer, an enemy of the Church, one connected to lust, greed, power, and is also called Apollyon, the prince of hell and minister of death.

This demon, according to Hebrew and Catholic sources creates "havoc" or "chaos" on earth.

I hope you are seeing a pattern here.

Catholic scholars identify this demon in Job, Proverbs, as well as Revelation.

This demon is stalking and stomping about Rome at this very moment.

According to some scholars, Apollyon is called the Exterminans. (St. Jerome may have been the first to use this term--I am not sure; but Exterminans is in the Vulgate. This demon wants to destroy the Church.

If I could talk to one cardinal or bishop at the Synod, I would share this information, which is part of our tradition.

Sarah's first seven "husbands" were killed by Asmodeus because these men were marrying her out of lust and this demon could claim them, as he is lust in some traditions.

Tobit and Sarah had to implore God's grace, leave lust, dedicate themselves to a holy marriage, keeping God first.

Should not the Synod members remember this?

The Archangel Raphael, the Healer, who is Healing, as angels are what they do, delivered, through Tobit, the demon from Sarah's presence, enabling a happy, holy, fruitful marriage.

This must be a lesson for our times, in the face of all the aberrations surrounding marriage as seen in the discussions posted yesterday.

I wish they would all read and meditate on Tobit and the journey to holiness in marriage.