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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Perfection Series VI:II Reparation

Continuing with the same encyclical for a bit, one reads this.

11. Wherefore, even as consecration proclaims and confirms this union with Christ, so does expiation begin that same union by washing away faults, and perfect it by participating in the sufferings of Christ, and consummate it by offering victims for the brethren. And this indeed was the purpose of the merciful Jesus, when He showed His Heart to us bearing about it the symbols of the passion and displaying the flames of love, that from the one we might know the infinite malice of sin, and in the other we might admire the infinite charity of Our Redeemer, and so might have a more vehement hatred of sin, and make a more ardent return of love for His love.

Several points here, which I hope to clear up for your benefit and mine.

One, the first step is the purification of sin, and faults, like those predominant faults. That must happen in order to be able to pray for others freely, without egotism and desires.

One must be completely detached from all ideas, expectations, dreams, people, places, things. Of course, as you all know from reading the Dark Night series and the other perfection series. this purification must include suffering in order that one is freed from egoism.

How can one join in the love of Christ on the Cross with flaws, with faults?

God wants to make us pure so that we can love purely.

Two, the malice of sin, so obvious in our day, wounds the Human and Divine Heart of Christ. Reparation must be made.

But, one cannot take one, little, teeny-weeny pride in this endeavor. That is one reason this purity of love follows the purification of the spirit. Now, the line between "offering up" sacrifices for others and self-interest and pride is a thin line until one is purified.

And, that is the reason I have come to think one can only really, truly love in a sacrificial manner when one gets to the Illumination State. As long as any faults, flaws, not even counting venial sins, stand between us and pure sacrificial love, our offerings may not only be incomplete, but useless.

This fact alone demands that we cooperate with God in the stripping which occurs in the Dark Night.

What follows that purity of sight and mind are both clarity as to the horror of sin, and a great love for Christ Who died for us to free us and others from sin and death.

God truly desires that we are purified before death, for several reasons, but one would be the efficacious sacrificial reparation done for others.

Now, for what or whom is one doing such reparation? That answer will be part of the next posting.

to be continued...