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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Repeated news from another source

And, canon law is ignored by at least 50% of the bishops in the USA and some in Great Britain, who have not appointed exorcists, as these bishops do not "believe" in the devil.

I have one exorcist friend in the Middle West who covered seven states plus Canada because of this disobedience of bishops.

Several years ago, I was trying to get an exorcist in England for a problem and could not get one. Until bishops take the problem of possessions and infestations seriously, people will suffer and do.

Years of bad seminary training, which stressed psychological over spirituality is only one reason why there is a dearth of exorcists. The other problem is simply the unbelief in Church's teaching by some priests and bishops.

I am glad that the Pope is emphasizing this problem of growing evil, and the need for eoxricists, which is why I have posted this news twice on the blog.

Also, check out, and this is repetition as well, the website for Auxilium Christianorum.