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Friday, 10 October 2014

Restaurant Recommendation

When a restaurateur makes one something one wants and the dish is not on the menu of the day, and when he brings a complimentary drink at the end of the meal, and when the food is terrific and the ambiance great, one must recommend this restaurant.

La Sfoglia is owned and run by three brothers. I ate at their original cafe years ago and it was good, Now, they have a great restaurant across from the Palace in Valletta.

I asked for and received Mediterranean mussels in a tomato sauce on top of fettuccine.

Yummy. And, I never had limoncello from Gozo. Free, on the house.

Last year I recommended Rampila, and this year I can recommend La Sfoglia,  which means a type of pastry. A dear friend of mine took me to Rampila twice last October-excellent place, one of the best.

I only eat out once or twice a week to get hot healthy, sustaining food, as I practically eat nothing during the week but cheese, croissants and bananas. I am on a strict, very strict budget. I only have a bar fridge and no freezer where I am and food goes off quickly in Malta. I have to pay for electricity and boy, it is expensive here to cook in for one person. Sometimes, I go wild and buy olives when I can afford them.

But, a dinner out makes me eat more and well. And, if the restaurant is a happy place to be with wifi...what can I say?

This was a treat today.

P.S. I usually hate dinner rolls, but today's were top-drawer, mixed wheat with various seeds on top and fresh.