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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Prophetic Words for England Ignored

A snippet from Our Glorious Faith and How to Lose It, remembering Fr. Hugh Thwaites today:

“I know that Fatima is only a private revelation, but nevertheless the Church has endorsed it, and that makes it rash for us to disregard it. If the Church informs us that Our Lady really did come to Fatima and tell us these things, then we must harken to her words. It really seems to me that those Catholics who do not take Fatima seriously and say the rosary every day in their homes are very akin to the Jews who laughed at Jeremiah.
“If God sends us His prophets and we do not take them seriously – well, we have the whole of the Old Testament to tell us what happens as a result. But at Fatima, God sent us not His prophets, but His Immaculate Mother. So I think that the abandonment of the family rosary is a main reason why so many Catholics have lost the faith. It seems to me that the Church of the future is going to consist solely of those families who have been faithful to the rosary. But there will be vast numbers of people whose families used to be Catholic.”
If you are not praying the family rosary daily, do not expect your children to be protected from the world, the flesh, and the devil.
Parents, organize now the family rosary before you lose your children.