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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Yes! Two People on Perfection and One on Predominant Faults

This morning at the Co-Cathedral in Valletta, the priest spoke of being perfect in order to get to heaven. He addressed both the reading on a perfect wife and the Gospel on the talents.

The Canon of St. Augustine noted that perfection means fulfilling one's duties and using the gifts God has given us. But, he went on to say that perfection comes with purification. Yes, he used the term purifying before death. To be able to use our gifts, we must work hard to become perfect.

I was so pleased at his comments.

Then, on this same day, I read a comment by Raissa Maritain on perfection. I shall return to that later. But, she also comments on the predominant faults of each person, which I want to highlight today.

Here is it:

"If we are to be merciful and compassionate towards our neighbour, we ought to be so above all when we know his dominant fault. The first impulse is to bring all our severity to bear on it, but on the contrary, it is one that we must concentrate all our charity: for it is a weakness which ought to be sacred to us for God alone can deal with it and cure it. These great defects of our brothers are like a nakedness we are not permitted to look at.  But let each one of us bring his infirmities before the eyes of God, humbly imploring him to cure us. For this divine gaze may see all nakedness, moreover everything is naked before him, who heals and reclothes with light."