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Friday, 12 December 2014

On Baptism, Again

Dear Readers,

Do you remember when I wrote that I could spend the rest of my life teaching on the sacrament of baptism?

Well, today I met a very holy and erudite priest who is head of the theology department at the university here. At the end of a wonderful conversation, I ask him if he could tell me what he thought the pressing need for scholarship and teaching in the Church was at this time.

Without hesitation, the priest answered, "baptism".

That Catholics simply do not understand how baptism changes us and makes us different than everyone else is clear.

That Catholics think it is a formality rather than a change in who the baptized person is, seems to be the commonly held opinion.

We are different than those who are not baptized.

Follow the tags. I shall write about this again. And, pray for me, as many things have been coming up in my life. Some people want me to write some children's books, which sounds like great fun as well as hard work, and some friends want me to do a doctorate, something I have tried to do in the past but was blocked four times for good reasons, outside my control.

At this stage, I do not do anything for vainglory and only pray that God's Will be done in my life.